HEX A.D.: "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden" to be released on February 21st by Fresh Tea

Norway's riff monster returns with its fourth full length album, released February 21st 2020 by […]
December 17, 2019

Norway's riff monster returns with its fourth full length album, released February 21st 2020 by Fresh Tea.

"Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden" is a record full of psychedelic vibes and vintage progressive heavy rock. This new record showcases a wide musical pallet ranging from down tuned doom riffs to bombastic mellotron swirls and epic Maidenesque guitar melodies.

Hex A.D. has built a strong reputation these past years as one of Norway's finest ambassadors for the classic heavy rock we know and love from bands such as Uriah Heep and Rainbow. 2018's "Netherworld ­Triumphant" saw the band dive deep into the golden darkness of the early 1980s, and gave the band a storm of great reviews from all over the world.
Here they are again with the brand new album "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden"!

Where "Netherworld Triumphant" was dark, majestic and mysterious, "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden" is slightly more progressive, upbeat and varied.

On "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden" the band has let their different musical inspirations flow, and there is a stronger sense of melody on this record compared to the three previous ones. The over-all feel is slightly psychedelic and has a taste of the late 1960s scene in London where bands such as Pink Floyd, Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience changed the world of popular music for ever. The bluesy riffs in "Hawks & Doves", the vintage guitar sounds and the epic organ and mellotron runs leave no doubt that Hex A.D. tips the hat off to the aforementioned greats on this album.

After the death of long-time producer Chris Tsangarides, ­production duties have been handled by Rick Hagan, who started Hex A.D. ­together with Chris back in 2011.

There are several guests appearing on "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden".

The legendary hard rock singer Eirikur Hauksson known for his ­outstanding work with Norwegian metal band Artch and Uriah Heep-legend Ken Hensley brought one of the record's centre pieces "Hawks & Doves" to new hights with his bluesy efforts.

Former Paul DiAnno and current Audrey Horne axe slinger Thomas Tofthagen has brought his outstanding skills to the heavy blues track "Hawks & Doves".

Former Dio guitarist, and close partner of the band, Rowan Robertson has contributed with all the guitar parts to the bonus track "Grace & Pain", and delivers another one of his fantastic performances.

Lyrically "Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden" deals with drug abuse, psychedelia, Science Fiction and the Vietnam War. All themes that hail back to the late 1960s.

Turn on, tune in, drop out!

Pre-order your copy from Katakomben record store or directly from the label Fresh Tea.

1. Elle est mort
2. Deadly Nightshade
3. Astro Tongue
4. The Day the Sky Exploded
5. Au revoir jardin électrique

' The Monsoon Suite '
6. Hawks & Doves
7. Old Bones
8. A Stone for the Bodies not found

9. Grace and Pain

Rick Hagan: Vocals, guitars
Mags Johansen: Organ, mellotron, synts, piano
Arry Gogstad: Bass guitar
Matt Hagan: Drums

2019: Astro Tongue (single)
2019: Wicked Serpents (EP)
2018: Netherworld Triumphant
2018: WarChild (single)
2018: Netherworld Triumphant pt. I (single)
2017: The Cranium Seal (single)
2016: The Last Nail In The Coffin Lid
2014: Even The Savage Will See Fair Play


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