HATE (Poland): Sign to Metal Blade Records.

(Photo credit: Daniel Rusilowicz) Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of Hate, […]
July 14, 2018

(Photo credit: Daniel Rusilowicz)

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of Hate, the glorious death/black metal force hailing from Warsaw, Poland.

Hate have been praised by press and fans alike for years for creating lacerating and dark music, proven best on their current album, Tremendum (2017). The album saw ATF Sinner (vocals, guitars) utilize the dark aspects of the mystic and arcane Slavonic folklore to explore themes both personal and impersonal. It is an album that is relatable at first listen, but that is hard to fully know.

In 2018, we find Hate as ever, advancing. In preparation for what might be their most fruitful endeavor so far, to collaborate with the home of American metal, Metal Blade Records. "'You are judged by the company you keep', the saying goes - and if that is true, then we shall be judged extremely favourably. We are very proud to announce our signing to Metal Blade Records, a label that is as synonymous with metal as the invention of the distortion pedal. This signing could not have come at a better timing, as it coincides with an opening of a new chapter in the band's history. Beginning with the release of 2017's 'Tremendum', Hate has been on a journey towards new, even darker horizons, and we're confident that this step will help us in reaching these goals. Our first collaboration is already well underway and plans have already been laid down to enter the studio in December of this year, with a tentative release date for mid-2019. Come, bear witness and join us on this journey", comments the band's front-man ATF Sinner.

Check out the pre-production for the new Hate song, "Path To Arken", at:

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Watch Hate on their world tour, which is kicking off tomorrow at In Flammen Open Air! See below for all dates.

Hate live:

July 13 - Torgau, Germany - In Flammen Open Air
July 14 - Essen, Germany - Turock
July 15 - Chepelle Lez Herlaimont, Belgium - Le Cercle
July 16 - Den Haag, Netherlands - Musicon
July 17 - Paris, France - Le Klub
July 18 - Nantes, France - Le Ferraileur
July 20 - Montpellier, France - Secret Place
July 21 - Barcelona, Spain - Move Your Fucken Brain
July 22 - Nice, France - Altherax Music
July 23 - Tolmin, Slovenia - Metal Days Open Air
Aug. 10 - Jaromer, Czech Republic - Brutal Assault Open Air
Aug. 25 - Coventry, UK - Arches
Aug. 27 - London, UK - Black Heart
Aug. 28 - Southampton, UK - Talking Heads
Aug. 29 - Brighton, UK - The Green Door Store
Aug. 30 - Manchester, UK - Rebellion
Aug. 31 - Sheffield, UK - Corporation
Sept. 1 - Leeds, UK - Temple of Boom
Sept. 2 - Edinburgh, UK - Heavy Scotland Open Air
Sept. 13 - Kiev, Ukraine - Bingo
Sept. 15 - Saint Petersburg, Russia - Opera
Sept. 16 - Moscow, Russia - Rock House
Sept. 17 - Yaroslav, Russia - Szhao Da
Sept. 18 - Novosibirsk, Russia - Podzemka
Sept. 19 - Krasnoyarsk, Russia - The Moods
Sept. 20 - Irkutsk, Russia - Rock'n Roll Pub
Sept. 21 - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Noise Metal Fest
Sept. 22 - Tianuin, China - Party Live
Sept. 23 - Shanghai, China - Bandai Namco Base
Sept. 25 - Hangzou, China - Mao Live House
Sept. 27 - Osaka, Japan - Shinsaibashi Soma
Sept. 28 - Nagoya, Japan - Rad Hall
Sept. 29 - Tokyo, Japan - Shibuya Cyclone

Hate line-up:

ATF Sinner - vocals, guitars
Pavulon - drums
Apeiron - bass (session)
Domin - guitar (session)


Metal Blade
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