GRENOUER: Watch Video for "One Day" Single.

Russian modern metallers GRENOUER has revealed today a new video for the single "One Day", […]
April 2, 2019

Russian modern metallers GRENOUER has revealed today a new video for the single "One Day", taken from their 9th full-length album "Ambition 999" out now in physical and digital through Greek record-label Sleaszy Rider Records.

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Speaking about the new video, the band says: "'One Day' videoclip was inspired in an apocalyptic future where the Moon has been crashed and broken seeding the chaos and destruction on Earth. Our main character is a lone survivor searching for other humans, food or shelter. While wandering around a destroyed antenna finds out she's out of water supply. In an attempt to survive, she's protecting a living plant from the desert, that's her only hope for a better life. While searching for a place to seed the plant, she finds a shoe that reminds her of someone she probably knew, she runs away in panic and decides to look forward instead of denying the truth. Finally, she finds a beautiful place in the sunset to seed the plant, she places it with care and feels happy for what she's done, suddenly she looks to the sky and a meteor is coming down to Earth".

Buy the physical version of "Ambition 999" HERE

Buy the digital version of Ambition 999" HERE

1. Burnt to the Ground
2. Nevermind Tomorrow
3. One Day
4. Infinite Grace
5. Medicine treats No Lies
6. Cure For The Lonely
7. Uncommon Faith
8. Back On Track
9. Universe Of My Heaven
10. Crimson Lines
11. Chase the Sun
12. Ingenious Care
13. Dangerous Girls
14. Paranormal Star
15. Alone in the Dark

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