GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST: New LP, Chapter II, Out July 6th on Totem Cat Records

May 22, 2018 San Diego's shredding heroes GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST return with their aptly-titled second […]
May 23, 2018

May 22, 2018

San Diego's shredding heroes GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST return with their aptly-titled second LP Chapter II, a hook-laden heavy metal odyssey out July 6th on Totem Cat Records!

Check out GEC's new song "Seeker Of The Flame" HERE:

Sonic storytellers GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST are true merchants of Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal taking listeners on a journey into an ever-expanding world of captivating characters and allegories!

Chapter II, the long-anticipated 2nd LP coming from GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST bring their journey to flat out gargantuan proportions. Barn burners like "Seeker of the Flame", "Anubis" and "Wicked Hands" set fire to the torch that illuminates the Epic title track "Of Earth"; a 15-minute saga full of "Creation, "Destruction", and the resolution of "Ancient Machine". The penultimate track "The Madness" is a gritty ode to classic riff rock and the closing track "Heart of the Son", simply unites.

Riffage, solos, rhythms, and lyrics along with the production of Jeff Henson (DUEL) and Tony Reed (MOS GENERATOR) combine to bring a bigness and fullness of color that elevates this album into upper echelons. Adam Burke's cover art is a mind-blowing combination of bad ass and fun as the four members are represented in an almost superhero-like fashion protecting planet Earth with their Rock and Roll as they ride over her. Chapter II is here and so is GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST, delivering the whole package with an album that should resonate for years to come.

Out July 6th on vinyl, CD and digital via Totem Cat Records

1. Seeker Of The Flame
2. Of Earth I
3. Of Earth II
4. Anubis
5. Wicked Hands
6. The Madness
7. Heart Of The Son

Tyler "T-Sweat" Dingvell - Vocals
Buddy Donner - Guitar
Daniel "MuchoDrums" Velasco - Drums
Jared Bliss - Bass



Kyle Scott


Purple Sage PR
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