GOREVENT: Comatose Music to release the primal savagery "Fate" on February 7th

Gorevent are the kings of Japanese brutal slam death, ruling over their scene with a […]
December 16, 2019

Gorevent are the kings of Japanese brutal slam death, ruling over their scene with a succession of battering releases since they seized power with their crushing debut Abnormal Exaggeration in 2008. Teeth Of The Divine hailed that debut offering of relentless, rancid riffing as exemplifying the art of brutality; proclaiming that "! you cannot do death metal any better than the complete slamming, guttural putridity found on Abnormal Exaggeration!" However, such praise did not lead Gorevent to become complacent upon their throne. As we crawl into a new decade the band are ready to unleash their most primal and punishing album to date...

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Fate is the sound of total regression, of a world dragged back into the primitive darkness of its birth. There is no finesse, no deft musical fripperies, no intellectual musings upon the state of society; just total blunt force trauma...bloodlust and violence. Eight tracks of visceral, gore-soaked slams and remorselessly grinding riffs, one bestial assault on the senses. Gorevent have stripped their music back to its raw essentials, to its filth encrusted core and created Fate ' a monument of utterly nihilistic death metal.

Fate is Gorevent's first release for the US powerhouse of the extreme, Comatose Music and there could have been no more fitting home for its animalistic savagery. When it is loosed from its chains on February 7th there will be no escaping its clutches, its insatiable desire for destruction. To stare into the eyes of the Gorevent beast is to look into caverns of emptiness. No thought, no feeling, no empathy...just base brutality. So save your tears and take what's coming, because the beating only ceases when your heart stops beating.

For a first hint of the violence to come head to Slam Worldwide today where the video for 'Swell' is streaming now!

Pre-orders for Fate golive on January 1st at https://www.comatosemusic.com

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