FRETERNIA: Announce the reissue of their early 00's debut album "Warchants & Fairytales"!

After two demos "The Blood of the Mortals" (1998) and "Somewhere in Nowhere" (1999) it […]
March 4, 2023

After two demos "The Blood of the Mortals" (1998) and "Somewhere in Nowhere" (1999) it was about time for the power metallers Freternia to write and release their first full-length album "Warchants & Fairytales". The year was 2000, just before the change of millenia, and Freternia wrote an album that was meant to stand-out from the rest of the power metal debuts of that era. An era filled with copycats and a constant decline in the power metal genre, "Warchants & Fairytales" was a breeze of fresh air in the lands of power metal fans! Originally released only in CD format, the band and ROAR! Rock of Angels Records decided that 23 years is a lot of time for this gem to not be available in physical format. So much so they believe in this album that it will be the very first time for a vinyl version to see the light of day as a limited to 300 copies, silver vinyl LP! The band along with the label, felt that the years of absence of this album in physical format were too many. So, they mutually decided to offer something special for this reissue and compensate the fans for all the years of waiting! Both digipack CD and vinyl version will feature a previously unreleased bonus track for the song "End of The Line" in an exclusive to this reissue Orchestral Version!

"Warchants & Fairytales" will be reissued on March 24, 2023 as Digipack CD and for the very first time as a Silver Vinyl limited to 300 copies world-wide. Both physical editions will include the bonus track "End Of The Line (Orchestral Version)".

Pre-order the album here:

Warchants & Fairytales line-up:
Pasi Humppi - Lead Vocals
Tomas Wappling ' Bass & Backing Vocals
Patrik Lund ' Lead Guitars
Tommy Johansson ' Keyboards
Mikael Bakajev ' Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
Stefan Svantesson ' Drums

1. Worst of Enemies
2. Ride with The Wind
3. War of The Crown
4. Mistress of The Deep Black Sea
5. Guardians of The Night
6. Woods of The Elvenking
7. Dragonsong
8. Friends in Enemyland
9. The Flame
10. End of The Line (Orchestral Version - Bonus Track)


ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
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