FOSCOR: Release drum play-through video and update European tour

In advance of their forthcoming tour, FOSCOR are now streaming a drum play-through for the […]
October 2, 2017

In advance of their forthcoming tour, FOSCOR are now streaming a drum play-through for the track "De Marges I Matinades", which is taken from the band's fifth full-length, 'Les Irreals Visions' (out since June 9th).

FOSCOR vocalist Fiar comments:

"The song title refers to life's opportunities when we are taken to our limits. The image of a new dawn at the edge of the world speaks of a personal struggle, and how after suffering we should be able to see a door to open at the corner. There is also a sort of challenge for the drums... well, the result speaks for itself about our privilege of having Jordi F. taking care of them."

Drummer Jordi F. adds:

"A song, which from a personal and technical standpoint, required an extra effort in order to create a rhythmic base that could fit the in-crescendo dynamics of the song. On an almost constant syncopated leitmotiv, placing the right amount of strength and cymbal hits to make them commune with the music was almost fully improvised - and hence an interesting exercise. Every time, I listen to or play this song, I feel like adding something new."

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FOSCOR will start touring in support of their current album, 'Les Irreals Visions' in October. The Catalans will be joining Norwegian progressive act VULTURE INDUSTRIES for a string of events as well as performing headliner and other shows.

See below for a full list of all currently confirmed dates.

05 Oct 17 Hoofdorp (NL) Duyker
07 Oct 17 Lübeck (DE) Treibsand
08 Oct 17 Erfurt (DE) From Hell
09 Oct 17 München (DE) Backstage
10 Oct 17 Köln (DE) Jungle Club
11 Oct 17 Paris (FR) Backstage
12 Oct 17 Gent (BE) Asgaard

06 Oct 17 Oldenburg i.O. (DE) MTS Record Store
13 Oct 17 Oberhausen (DE) Helvete
27 Oct 17 Santander (ES) Rockbeer Thenew (Infest IV)
28 Oct 17 Barcelona (ES) La Nau (+DEJADEATH)
01 Dec 17 Madrid (ES) Sala But (Madrid Is The Dark Fest)
04 Dec 17 Barcelona (ES) Razz 3 (+GOLD)

FOSCOR are streaming 'Les Irreals Visions' in full at the link below:

FOSCOR commented on 'Les Irreals Visions':

"This is the most ambitious project, we have ever faced, and we have tried to dress it with magic. But before that, please travel by your own through the eight passages composing those visions in a final but still partial introduction. And remember what this journey hides. Common things must acquire a new meaning. Visual things, a new secret appearance. The already known, the dignity of the unknown. Thanks to every individual that has taken part in this album and enriched its meaning, and to all of you ready to cross the unreal door. Hope to see you all in the road within the next months... May darkness be tragic..."

Track-list of 'Les Irreals Visions' can be viewed below:

1. Instants (5:19)
2. Ciutat Tràgica (5:28)
3. Altars (4:43)
4. Encenalls De Mort (4:58)
5. Malfiança (4:49)
6. Espectres Al Cau (6:06)
7. De Marges I Matinades (6:19)
8. Les Irreals Visions (5:59)

FOSCOR have promised "something magical" for their forthcoming fifth full-length. The Catalans have kept word and carved a multi-faceted jewel out of deep longing, their country's characteristic melancholy, and dark foreboding heaviness, which they descriptively named 'Les Irreals Visions'. This album invites the listener onto a cinematic journey through dream landscapes created by carefully arranged sonic delights and unexpected aural twists.

FOSCOR hail from Catalonia, which is still yet largely unwilling part of modern Spain. With Barcelona as its capital, this region has a long artistic tradition with the fin de siècle style of Modernisme - a parallel development to Art Nouveau and Jugendstil among others - forming one of its major achievements. Catalonia has also left an audible mark in the extreme music scene of Spain in recent years.

FOSCOR are attracted to and build upon these foundations, while taking inspiration from the morbid, decadent, and sick reflections on a rapidly changing society that shaped the artistic landscape at the end of the nineteenth century.

The name FOSCOR translates as "darkness" in their native Catalan tongue, which the band from Barcelona often uses for their lyrics as a distinctive element and strong connection with their cultural reality.

The Catalans' first three albums, 'Entrance to the Shadows' Village' (2004), 'The Smile of the Sad Ones' (2007), and 'Groans to the Guilty' (2009) were wrapping a shroud of classic second wave black metal around a melancholic yet vital core, while already showing a distinct individuality reaching out from the confines of any genre. 'Groans to the Guilty' witnessed FOSCOR setting out towards more progressive and avant-garde course, but it was next full-length 'Those Horrors Wither' (2014) which marked a clear departure from the black metal waters as well as related clichés and self-imposed limitations. Darkness found an equally strong expression through the use of clean vocals, doom infused tempo reduction, and catchy heavy riffing.

FOSCOR have now taken another step in their constantly changing and shifting evolution. 'Les Irreals Visions' is easily drawing its eager audience in, only to lure the unwary listener into a dark labyrinth of unexpected complexity filled with beauty and sorrow, which they might find much harder to leave than anticipated. Enjoy charting your course through the glittering facets of this musical gem.


Fiar: lyrics, vocals
Falke: guitars, effects
A.M.: guitars, bass, piano

Guest musicians
A.A. Nemtheanga (PRIMORDIAL): guest vocals on "Ciutat Tràgica"
Marcelo Mercadante: Bandoneon on "Espectres Al Cau", "De Marges I Matinades" and "Les Irreals Visions" arranged, performed and recorded at Estudi El Mercat.

Recording: Moontower Studios, Foscor & Javi Félez
Mixing: Moontower Studios, Javi Félez
Mastering: Orgone Studios, Jaime Gomez Arellano
Photography: Nona Limmen (CHELSEA WOLFE, URFAUST) in Iceland 2016
Design: Maria Picassó / Ideophony (IHSAHN, OBSIDIAN KINGDOM)

"De Marges I Matinades" video credits:
Filmed during the recording of the album 'Les Irreals Visions'.
Recorded at Moontower Studios in Barcelona, Catalonia on October 2016.
Images by FOSCOR
Video edition by Falke


News reported by: Jean-François "Thrashing Assault" Briard


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