FormerMANOWARguitaristDavid "The Shred Demon" Shanklehas joinedHOUSE OF HOLLAND, the band led by vocalistTommy Holland. Tommyfirst […]
By Steinmetal
July 2, 2011

FormerMANOWARguitaristDavid "The Shred Demon" Shanklehas joinedHOUSE OF HOLLAND, the band led by vocalistTommy Holland.

Tommyfirst landed the job as the frontman/lead singer ofSTEPPENWOLF, early in his early career, following the departure ofJohn Kay. In 1984 in Chicago, after frontingSTEPPENWOLFandTHE BZZ, in which he played with futureW.A.S.P.andL.A. GUNSdrummerSteve Riley,Tommyformed the bandHOLLAND.HOLLANDspawned the career of internationally acclaimed guitar virtuoso Michal Angelo Batio. In 1985HOLLANDsigned withAtlantic Recordsand released"Little Monsters"with hits such as"Wake Up The Neighborhood"and"Gotta Run".

DrummerBobby Fieldsgrew up playing bass guitar with scattered bands around the Madison, Wisconsin scene. Discouraged by years of various projects that lacked any real chemistry, he took a 10-year "break" from the live music scene. While on hiatus,Bobbygrew an affinity for tinkering around on the drums, an interest which soon grew into a passion and desire to get back into live performing. Driven by a new hunger, a new attitude, and a new role,Bobbycame to Chicago to play drums with one of Chicago's most legendary frontmen,Tommy Holland.

You might say bassistDrew Lawrencewas born to play music. His father taught at Eastman school of music in New York so he was exposed to it at a very early age. In his own words, "I just thought that's what you did when you grew up." The apple didn't fall far from the tree and by age 11 he was playing and singing his own compositions on the"Easter Seals"telethon and at 18 was playing the Chicago circuit withJoe Rayfield. Over the years he has played and recorded with many outstanding musicians, some of the most notable beingBuddy Miles(JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE),Phil Collen(DEF LEPPARD) andGary Putnam(DREAD ZEPPELIN).

Guitar virtuoso and master instructorShankleis one of the most respected and talented composer guitarists shredding up the metal scene today. He is well known for playing seven-string over-the-neck scales, arpeggios and string skipping, along with being a master of many other guitar techniques.Davidwas a member ofMANOWARfrom 1988 to 1994, playing on the epic album"The Triumph Of Steel"and co-writing"Master Of The Wind","The Burning","Ride the Dragon"and"Demon's Whip".Davidleft in 1994, after countless sold-out tours all over the world, and attended Roosevelt Music University in Chicago to improve his jazz and classical guitar skills.David's signature over the neck style guitar playing can be seen on many videos, including"Ashes To Ashes"and the 2005MANOWAR "Earthshaker Fest"DVD. Now having refined and nearly perfected his craft,Davidbrings decades of experience and hard work to the table withHOUSE OF HOLLAND.

Source: www.Blabbermouth.Net

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