FOREVERATLEAST: Release "Ghosts Again" New Video + Instrumental Playthroughs

Vocalist Brittany Paris gave some insight on the video and song. "We hit the road […]
October 19, 2015

Vocalist Brittany Paris gave some insight on the video and song. "We hit the road the end of July before The Ghost Is Near Tour kicked off, to create the "Shoreline" video with our Victory team. This song has so much energy and sass it was nothing but fun to film and perform! Translating this song live is even more fun because we get to share that experience with everyone and bounce off of each other's energy. Having all of our friends and fans in the video makes it even cooler! "Shoreline" is a killer song and definitely one of my favorites from the album."

Watch "Shoreline" At VEVO.

"The idea of this song is that we're a crew on a ship trying to brave the storm were in," Paris continued. "Regardless of the circumstances, whether we sink or make it to shore, we will follow through with what the captain asks of us because we believe in his guidance. We will see our task completed and work as one, a unit and not give up. Even in failure we learn more about ourselves and the situations we go through teach us how to brave harder things in life."

Additionally, New Noise Magazine has premiered an exclusive instrument play-through for Foreveratlast's first single "Bad Blood." Head over to New Noise now and play along!

Tonight, Foreveratlast begin their first tour in support of Ghosts Again, with a hometown sendoff today in Indianapolis. See all Foreveratlast Tour Dates here.

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