FJORSVARTNIR: New album 'Mzoraxc' Forbandelse' to be released on 1st of August by Grom Records

FJORSVARTNIR stated: "After 3 years in the making, Fjorsvartnir are finally out with his third […]
August 2, 2015


"After 3 years in the making, Fjorsvartnir are finally out with his third full-length album called 'Mzoraxc' Forbandelse'. Old fans will easily recognize the musical style and sound scapes; However, everything once again got a big boost up the scale; both in the compositions as well as the sound production of the album. It has always been a goal for Fjorsvartnir to strive higher and aim for a more pure degree of perfection every time a new album is forged.

This time around, everything comes together with an even higher level of attention to detail and emotional atmosphere than the two previous releases. The listener can expect the highest degree of perfection achieved yet in both melodic and atmospheric black metal horde. We know that you have all been waiting a long time for this and Fjorsvartnir would like to send out a loud and roaring "HAIL" to all of his patient and loyal fans worldwide; this album is for all of you guys and you certainly deserve it at this level of quality which we have finally attained. Cheers, and see you all out there on the road!"

GROM Records stated:

"We in Grom Records are more than proud to have almighty Fjorsvartnir back under our wings for this new opus. No needs for some longer talks here just, if you truly seek for old traditional atmospheric Black Metal art, the one created with strong passion and knowledge then, dam it, get this masterpiece and rise your beers in the name of the new ear of Fjorsvartnir!"

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