FEIGN: Release "New World Order" Album

Houston-hailing death-core band Feign has released their debut full length titled The New World Order. […]
December 23, 2015

Houston-hailing death-core band Feign has released their debut full length titled The New World Order. The ten track album, produced by Robby Joyner at Black Book Sound, is the band's first release since their EP False Hope in 2012.

"We had a lot of fun making this album, as well as a lot of obstacles along the way. We wanted to create something that would stick out and keep the listener excited, and we are looking forward to finally be able to bring this to the table." Trevor Phillips comments.

Feign has partnered up with Metal Insider to do a exclusive stream of the debut full length, which you can hear below. Stream "The New World Order" today.

About Feign:

There's a storm brewing-a vicious maelstrom of malevolence and aggression powerful enough to level mountains and shake the earth to its very core. A storm that will re-arrange the very foundation of mankind's existence-it is the ravaging, relentless sophomore album by Houston heavyweights Feign. It is The New World Order. For years, the band have been biding their time-working diligently on crafting what stands to be one of the strongest testaments to downtempo deathcore the world has ever seen-and the time has finally come for their global takeover: an initiative that will invade the minds of heavy music fanatics worldwide and keep them addicted for years to come.
Beginning in 2012 with the release of their debut album, False Hope, Feign instantly took the underground music community by storm. Insanely low guitars, bold, crushing drums and among the most unique vocalists to deathcore's "low and slow" revolution contributed to Feign's success-both critically and locally, where their debut release saw them opening for Sovereign Strength, Kublai Khan and Destruction of a King, among others. After the resounding gunshot that was False Hope began to fade, however, Feign found themselves returning to the studio to write and record two singles-"Fall Behind" and "Decay"-that would serve as the starting points for their much anticipated sophomore release.

2013 and 2014 were mixed blessings for the Texan titans: while their two singles were enormously successful, the band was plagued with an unstable lineup that hindered their ability to perform live. Even in spite of this, the group kept their nose to the grindstone, toiling away on their upcoming release. More than three years of blood, sweat and terrifyingly heavy breakdowns later, The New World Order has reached completion, and sees the group expertly combining styles from across the heavy music spectrum: from traditional hardcore to beatdown and deathcore, The New World Order is Feign re-emerging into the heavy music spotlight, and doing so violently enough to ensure they keep their position as prodigal kings of low, slow and loathsome deathcore.

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