FATES PROPHECY: "The Cradle of Life" now available in CD

Veteran Brazilian heavy metal group FATES PROPHECY launched last friday (September 12) its awaited CD […]
September 19, 2014

Veteran Brazilian heavy metal group FATES PROPHECY launched last friday (September 12) its awaited CD "The Cradle of Life". The album is the same which was released digitally in early 2013 - still with Ricardo Peres on vocals - but only now reaching shelves in the physical format.

The album features some differences with previous digital release. First, it has a rich 20-page booklet, filled with beautiful images that, making a parallel with the letters, take the listener to reflections on life, death, and the vision of the natives about the origin of humanity. Moreover, the songs were also remastered for the CD format, highlighting both the beautiful guitar work and the production of guitarist Paulo Almeida together with former guitarist Fernando Poles. Completing the news, it was included a licensed CRIMSON GLORY cover as a bonus track. The song in question is "In Dark Places", rescued from old recording sessions of the band, which featured Paul Lara as a guest vocalist.

Tracklist of the album:

24/7 To Death
New Degeneration
A Prayer To The Sun
The Cradle Of Life
The Unbeliever
Primitive Man
Devil Is My Name
One Life
In Dark Places
A release concert was held at Blackmore Rock Bar, traditional venue in Sao Paulo (Brazil), and who led the front line was Leonardo Beteto, who took over as lead singer of FATES PROPHECY after the departure of Ricardo Peres.

Arthorium Records, label responsible for the release, prepares a worldwide distribution campaign throughout metal-oriented labels and stores.

Arthorium Records
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