FAMISHGOD: New Doom/Death band of Dave Rotten from AVULSED

The always active mind of Dave Rotten (AVULSED's vocalist) has given birth to another project. […]
October 11, 2014

The always active mind of Dave Rotten (AVULSED's vocalist) has given birth to another project. This time it's an ultra dense, heavy and rotting Doom/ Death band called FAMISHGOD, created together with Funedëim (SVIPDAGR/ MORKULV) mastermind on this project, who plays guitar & bass here. FAMISHGOD is fruit of almost two years of writing and recording what's going to be their first full length album. This band has been kept secret until now, after such album has been finished and when the band is able to offer some proper-sounding stuff.

"Devourers of Light" is the title of this debut album by FAMISHGOD, a conceptual opus divided in 7 chapters with a length of almost one hour, where lyrics form a whole story separated in 7 acts. Cover artwork and 13 more pieces of art, have been created by finnish Tommi Grönqvist from DESECRESY, who's responsible of all artworks on his own band and he's created, as always, a perfect design with his eerie and personal style.

Production, mixing and mastering of the album has been made by Dave Rotten at his very own Sanctuary Studios, expressing a dark, heavy and deep sound that fits perfectly in the obscure Doom/ Death of FAMISHGOD whose influences are deeply rooted in bands like DISEMBOWELMENT, EVOKEN, MOONDARK, RIPPIKOULU, DESECRESY, OPHIS, MYTHIC, WINTER, HOODED MENACE and the likes.

Although FAMISHGOD started as a studio project, there are plans to bring the band live with a full line-up completed by session members that will help to recreate FAMISHGOD's heaviness on stage, so stay tuned for this!!

Tracklist for "Devourers of Light" is as follows:

1. Chapter 1: Devourer of Light
2. Chapter 2: Famish
3. Chapter 3: Black Eye
4. Chapter 4: Premature Grave
5. Chapter 5: The Monarch
6. Chapter 6: Two Last Stairs
7. Chapter 7: Brightless

Release date for "Devourers of Light" has been set for December 1st through Xtreem Music, and you can help FAMISHGOD by visiting their brand new Facebook site at www.famishgod.com and giving it a "like" to spread the band's name during their first steps. Here you can listen to an exclusive advance song:

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