FALLEN ARISE: New Lyric Video For "The Curse Of Adeline" Released

In2009,the idea for a symphonic metal band had just came in mind. The next step […]
January 24, 2016

In2009,the idea for a symphonic metal band had just came in mind. The next step was to write songs, find members and start jamming in the studio, starting this new project. The first two songs were "My Fall" and "Forever Slave". The second one was rejected too soon, when new songs were created, that were closer to the musical style that the band wanted to follow. At the end of 2009 the band line-up was Evelyn ' female vocals , Jon Soti ' male vocals , Frangiskos ' guitars , Gus ' keyboards , Renos ' drums, Dimitris ' session bass-player, and the name was Fallen Arise. In December of 2009the bandgave thefirstshow in Athens.

After six years of activity includes some changes on the band's line up, the first studio album "Ethereal" (2013) and a lot of important gigs with great bands like Moonspell, Leaves' Eyes, Xandria, Septic Flesh and more, in 2015 the band released the secondfull-lengthalbum, "Adeline".This work recounts a story that takes us back in time in the Victorian era of the 19th century(1837-1901), presenting us the decay of the human body and mind through fiction.

Fully satisfied asthe bandwere with collaboration with Devasoundz Studios,theychose to work again in the same place where the recordings ofthefirst album occurred, teaming up again with Fotis Benardo (SixforNine, ex-Septic Flesh, ex-Chaostar), Thimios Krikos (Innerwish), Thanos Jan (InactiveMessiah).

A very special and important moment forFallen Arisewhile creatingthenew material was the collaboration with an ensemble of 40 renowned musicians from the National Opera, the Athens State Orchestra, the Nerit Orchestra and the Piraeus Concert Band. The orchestral recordings and the mixing sessions, took place in Zero Gravity Studios by Dimitris Dimitriadis.This new album accompanied with a new record contract! ROAR (Rock Of Angels Records) isFallen Arise'snew home!

Fallen Arise Are:

Spyla ' Vocals
Chris ' Vocals
Frangiskos ' Guitar
Aggelos Mal ' Bass
Thanos ' Drums
Gus - Keyboards

Fallen Arise Music
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