FAIRYTALE: "Army Of Ghosts" ' Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 24th February 2023

PURE STEEL RECORDS is very pleased to announce, that German heavy metal rockers FAIRYTALE will […]
January 30, 2023

PURE STEEL RECORDS is very pleased to announce, that German heavy metal rockers FAIRYTALE will release their new album "ARMY OF GHOSTS" on 24th February 2023

FAIRYTALE, the only true heroes of the heavy metal, fairy tale stories, are no newcomers, but with a new line-up and the experience of several albums up their sleeves, they are ready for the next step.

FAIRYTALE are five musicians who have come together across the Ruhr area. Accordingly, the band's songs are not happy metal, but also characterized by the dirt of the Ruhr area. On the new album "ARMY OF GHOSTS", hard and catchy sing-along anthems are the key elements of the songs. Likewise the people in the Ruhr area, there is also a rough shell with a soft core.

Founded in 2000 by Colin Büttner, the style of quintet is based on the heavy metal of the 1980s. The influences are just as colourful and complex as the golden decade itself. Besides obvious influences like IRON MAIDEN, you can also find more progressive influences that go back to bassist Hendrik and guitarist Stefan and harmonize perfectly with Colin's rather traditional songwriting. Everything is held together by drummer Fabius, who completed the new line-up of the band. Above all this is the powerful and very distinctive voice of singer Carsten Hille, who puts his stamp on the songs.

1. The Altered
2. Army Of Ghosts
3. Voices From Inside
4. 1428
5. Possessed
6. Morningside
7. Elizabeth Dane
8. Waxwork
9. Horace P
10. Alive
Total Playing Time: 41:48 min

Carsten Hille ' vocals
Colin Büttner ' guitars
Stefan Absorber ' guitars
Hendrik Klahold ' bass
Fabius Farkas ' drums


Pure Steel Records
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