[Evertrapped]: Reveal Track Listing, Artwork For New Album "The Last Extinction" Out May 22nd

Montreal, QC's brutal melodic death five-piece [Evertrapped] is revealing the artwork and track listing for […]
March 25, 2020

Montreal, QC's brutal melodic death five-piece [Evertrapped] is revealing the artwork and track listing for their fourth studio album "The Last Extinction" set for release on May 22, 2020. The album marks the band's return to follow up their highly praised 2015 album "Under The Deep" and showcases their darkest, almost apocalyptic overtone compared to previous releases.

With influences ranging from death metal to melodic death primarily, along with some classic thrash and speed metal, "The Last Extinction" overall will give fans a very heavy post-apocalypse feel. It's meant to mix the dark and light of the end of all things. Fans of Arch Enemy, Persefone, Whitechapel, Death and Fleshgod Apocalypse will feel the whirlwind of aggression.

The band's lyrics come from two places. One from the dark and exaggerated metaphors for things actually based on personal events, the other is lyrics that are only loosely based in reality and have an almost fantasy-like appeal. Sometimes the reality can be based on what could be the actual state of the world as it is or an image of a future where the world is on the brink of an apocalypse, which can even relate to the current global situation created by Covid 19 that has affected so many.

Vocalist James Brookes explains the album in further detail:

"Our new album 'Last Extinction' is almost an amalgamation of what we did on "The Anomaly" (2012) and "Under The Deep" (2015). On "The Anomaly" there was room for some clear vocals and it had an overall softer sound (within the confines of death metal) whereas "Under The Deep" went straight for the throat with very little room to stop and breathe and no clean vocals at all. Either way works just fine, but this new album "The Last Extinction" offers both of these aspects. When it gets heavy, it gets really heavy but there are plenty of parts that open up and give way to clear vocals or a nice blend of gutturals and clean and in some cases, some types of riffs that [Evertrapped] has never really experimented with before. Each song takes the listener on a quasi-progressive death metal adventure, but every now and then keeps coming back to simpler catchy riffs made for some hardcore headbanging."

The band's name is intentionally written with enclosed brackets to signify the trappings of modern life for all of us and how people, despite their best attempts to break out of the mold are still affixed to a simple controlled existence and futility.

To listen to previous releases by [Evertrapped], please visit their Bandcamp.

2015 Music Video - 'Underneath The Deep' here.

Track Listing:
1. Sorrow (Nothing More In Between) (7:35)
2. Truth Behind Disorder (5:30)
3. Across The Disease (5:49)
4. Titan (5:52)
5. The First Machine (5:59)
6. The Last Extinction (6:10)
7. Illusion (7:08)
8. Stillborn Era (5:26)
9. Learning To Kill (7:52)
Album Length: 57:24

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