ETERNAL RETURNS: India Based Metal Discovery Sign With Wormholedeath

Thane (India) based Metal outfit ETERNAL RETURNS have signed with Wormholedeath a deal for their […]
January 18, 2023

Thane (India) based Metal outfit ETERNAL RETURNS have signed with Wormholedeath a deal for their new studio album Hunchback Hatred, due for release in 2023. More info coming soon!

Eternal Returns' signing statement:
We have signed with Wormholedeath record Italy. We are honored and humbled to be part of a fantastic label that has a presence across the Globe. To think of it, we never imagined ourselves in the limelight to be part of a big label but it happened and we take full responsibility to deliver the best record for you. Also, our longtime friend and brethren Keith Clement, the CEO of Metal Heads Forever magazine, is officially taking over the management role. The one-man army. Cheers to fun times to come.

Speaking about the album, the band said: The world is heading towards catastrophe but before it reaches the boiling point it is slowly churning hate. The intense dislike of hating someone, religion, God, and culture has no limits. Our society is deformed which has formed a hump of Hatred in every mind which can be influenced. Hunchback Hatred is 7 songs that talk about stories of self-awareness, mind games, culture, and avenging which give more affirmation to where we are as individuals in this society-driven hatred. Human anatomy is the hatred mechanism and the collapse of its vertebra is the society.

With the announcement comes the teaser of the first video

"The Wolf Among the Sheep"

Check it out here:

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We are Eternal Returns a Metal band from Thane, India. We have played 50 plus shows in India in our 7 years journey. We have released an EP titled Reprieved to Totality which garnered humble international feedback and reviews the album also features guest drums from Kevin Paradis. Featured in Major National newspapers and Metal magazines across the globe like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Metalheads forever, Decibel, Rolling Stone, and iTunes popular metal artists in India to name a few.

We have always wanted to spread our wings as a band and want to cater newer audiences across the globe.

As a band, we thrive in the live environment because the energy which we share with the audience makes the band's sound.

We recently released a single Siege Sombre from our upcoming album named Hunchback Hatred. Also, have released an album/ep named Reprieved To Totality last year which received positive reviews across the globe

Line up:
Narendra Patel ' Vocals / Lyrics
Harsh Makwana ' Lead / Rhythm Guitars and Bass
Viktor Lytvynov ' Drums


WormHoleDeath Records
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