Ernie Ball Launches Reward Program

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August 26, 2014


Ernie Ball, the world's leading manufacturer of guitar strings and musical instrument accessories has launched Ernie's Eagles Club Loyalty and Rewards program. The program gives you access to limited and one-of-a-kind rewards, like:

· Two Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling Basses, one signed by Ozzy Osbourne and his band, the other signed by all the band members of Avenged Sevenfold;
· An Ultimate Ernie Ball Pack including a Music Man StingRay or a Majesty Guitar, plus a one year supply of Ernie Ball strings, guitar care kit, strap and pics;
· A John Petrucci Signature by Music Man JP100 6-string guitar;
· Autographed copies of Slash's new "World On Fire" CD, signed by the band
· Online discount codes, Ernie Ball gear packs, strings packs, and more.

Ernie's Eagles Club is powered by Platform 3, a leading-edge loyalty and rewards platform from Vancouver-based 3 Tier Logic. Platform 3 makes it really easy to register for Ernie's Eagles club. All you have to do is visit Ernie Ball Rewards and sign-up.

To earn points that can been redeemed for rewards, you just go to the Earn Points page and share the content that is provided to you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To get rewards, you go to the Redeem Points page, see how many points are required for the prize you want, and then submit the appropriate number of points. Prizes will be shipped or emailed to you. Platform[sup]3[/sup] keeps track of your points, which you can monitor on the site as well.

About Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball was the first to offer rock strings with the creation of Slinkys®, the iconic light gauge electric guitar strings that are widely revered by hundreds of guitar greats, including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, The Edge and John Mayer. Ernie Ball further revolutionized the market by offering guitarists Custom-Gauge single strings. With its founder's dedication to preserving the musician's playing experience and delivering superior sound quality through the development of new products, the family-run company has been on a continued pursuit of innovation. Throughout the last decade, Ernie Ball has built on this foundation to develop strings that are uniquely superior and different, and as a result created Cobalt and M-Steel Strings.

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Ernie Ball
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