ERIC CARR's 'Unfinished Business': Promo Clip Available

Legendary KISS drummer Eric Carr was an integral part of the band for over 11 […]
By Elina
September 20, 2011

Legendary KISS drummer Eric Carr was an integral part of the band for over 11 years. His powerful drumming rocked the music world through the metal Eighties. Carr is still an influence on drummers and rock fans alike.

Due on November 8 through a label imprint set up by Eric's sister Loretta Caravello, "Unfinished Business" is a special 20th-year commemorative CD release that features over 17 rare Eric Carr recordings, including previously unreleased music, live performances, interview clips and more. Guests include current and former members of KISS, TWISTED SISTER, SEETHER, ZO2, EUROPE, DANGER DANGER and more.

This CD is a testament to a man whose personality and heart were as big as his enormous talent. Eric's spirit is alive in each and every song.

Track information for seven of the songs on the album can be found below (courtesy of Kiss News).

** "Songs Like Shandi" (never before released):

Performed by Eric Carr. Eric's "Shandi" vocals from his KISS audition tape.

** "No One's Messin' With You" (never before released):

Performed by Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick (KISS). This song was discovered on an old DAT recording owned by Eric, This is an alternate version of the track "Little Caesar" from the 1989 KISS album "Hot In The Shade". It has an entirely different set of lyrics and vocal melody.

** "Just Can't Wait" (never before released):

Performed by Ted Poley (DANGER DANGER). Originally released as an instrumental in 2001. This song was remastered using Eric and Bruce Kulick's (KISS) original studio drum and guitar tracks. In addition, Ted Poley adds his vocals using lyrics written in 2006. This song is complete with full vocals and backgrounds.

** "Elephant Man":

Performed by AJ Pero (TWISTED SISTER), Kee Marcello (EUROPE) Bob Gilmartin. The song features special performances by Eric's sister Maria and niece Sara-Jean. Eric Carr wrote the lyrics for this song in 1991. The music was composed in 2006.

** "Dial L For Love" (never before released):

Performed, by Eric Carr and written by Eric Carr and Adam Mitchell in 1987 during the "Crazy Nights" album sessions. Eric was proud of this upbeat demo, but it never made it to the album's final track list.

** "All Hell's Breakin Loose":

Performed by ZO2 (co-written by Eric Carr, original version found on KISS' "Lick It Up" album, 1983).

** "Troubles Inside You" (never before released):

Performed by Eric Carr and Mitch Weissman. Weissman and Eric were reportedly playing around with this song at Gene Simmons' house when Mitch wanted to do something different with his vocals, so he sat in the closet and sang away, while Eric played some guitar, set up the beat on the drum machine and sang background vocals.

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