ENFORCER Signed To Earache For UK And EUROPE

Swedish Heavy Metal band ENFORCER have announced their partnership with Earache Records in the UK […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
March 7, 2010

Swedish Heavy Metal band ENFORCER have announced their partnership with Earache Records in the UK and Europe for their forthcoming album "Diamonds", out May 24th.

ENFORCER's charismatic singer Olof Wikstrand states:

"After the great success of "Into The Night" we now take things a few steps further with the next album. This time It feels great to have a European dedicated and hard working label on board. I'm really excited to see what this end up like and I'm also proud of being a part of Earache."

Dan Tobin, Earache label manager, comments:

"Earache is proud to welcome one of the most exciting new bands on the scene onto the label's roster. ENFORCER's brand of streetwise heavy metal is as exciting as anything I've heard from a young band, and we look forward to helping them take steps towards the big league. "Diamonds" is a superb way to start their march to the top."

Influenced as much by the speed metal bands of the late '80s as traditional NWOBHM and cult Swedish demos, ENFORCER are truly a metal powerhouse. With 2008's "Into The Night" earning a deserved entry in Terrorizer Magazine's Albums Of The Decade Top 100, ENFORCER return with their highly anticipated sophomore album, "Diamonds", to be released in Europe by Earache Records on May 24th and the rest of the world on Heavy Artillery Records on May 25th. "Diamonds" picks up where its predecessor left off - one foot firmly in the past, paying respects to IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST alike, but augmenting their craft with modern flair and technical wizardry, highlighted by the production of renowned Swedish producer Rikard Lofgren.

Thanks to their appearance on Earache's "Heavy Metal Killers" compilation, ENFORCER kicked open the floodgates for the return of traditional Heavy Metal, paving the way for many other young bands to follow. With critical acclaim pouring in from fans and the international music press, ENFORCER wasted no time taking their show on the road gaining rabid fans at every stop, touring across Europe and North America.

Source: www.Earache.Com

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