ELEVEN STRINGS: Release "Creation & Chaos" Album

Eleven Strings, from Mogi das Cruzes, at São Paulo estate, Brazil, has an intriguing capacity […]
April 7, 2016

Eleven Strings, from Mogi das Cruzes, at São Paulo estate, Brazil, has an intriguing capacity to catch the right music's references, and, at the same process it all and gather everything at an unique sonority, which every fragment of all ten tracks ofChaos and Creationdebut - beyond the intro, a mix of orchestrations and introspections ' figures into colorful ideias, relevant ideias of possibilities under the prog and heavy metal anthems.

Less than four years after the band's formation, in 2012, the sextetEvandro Braito (vocals), Marcelo Nespoli (bass), Júnior Carlos (guitar), Johnny Lande (guitar), Felipe Leão (keyboard) and Rafa Hernandez (drum) release its first album straight into personality, sharpened and ready to success, goals already reached with so many positives reviews at brazilian metal/rock media.

Chaos and Creationhas a crystalline production, that provides a perfect audition of each instrument. It's layered, textured music, inspired by the likes of Symphony X, combined to the geniality of Evergrey's Tom Englund. Those Brazilians are sure to fill the halls with sonic explosions, full of experimentations and heavy riffs among magisterial melodies.

Almost every track of the debut has nothing more than five minutes, with lyrics that deal about the complexity of the universe and life's metaphors, besides human conditions and science fiction. This reflexive lyrical construction is another essential piece ofChaos and Creation, that offers a great journey to blow the audience into tranquil territories and, quickly, transport them to a battlefield. From simplicity to complexity, from inquiries to certainties, these are some movements Eleven Strings builds its own terrain at metal scene.

And while Masque Records takes care of the distribution of Eleven Strings internationally, the band concern in schedule gigs and promote Chaos and Creation as far as they can. Enjoy them into a breathtaking journey.

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