ELECTRIC GUITARS: Releasing "String Fevers" February 26th, 2016 & Premieres " The Thinner The Eyebrow The Crazier The Woman" Track

It's hard to tell, if it's the fever that sets Electric Guitars on fire, or […]
November 27, 2015

It's hard to tell, if it's the fever that sets Electric Guitars on fire, or if it's the fire that gives Electric Guitars the fever. But one thing is certain, the two rock guitar-slingers Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, D-A-D) and Mika Vandborg has teamed up again with Peter Kjøbsted on bass and Morten Hellborn on drums, and are ready to spread the string fever!

Here's the new video "The Thinner The Eyebrow The Crazier The Woman" from the upcoming album 'String Fever':

About "String Fever":

Since the release of the first self-titled debut album, Electric Guitars has conquered the international rock-scene and crowd, by playing hundreds of venues and festivals. And everyone who has seen or heard the band live, knows that this is a pure hot rockin' guitar-celebration!

"'String Fever' is a guitar-oriented rock album. Our fans and audience claimed that there weren't enough guitars on our first album 'Electric Guitars', therefore we we've focused on doing way much more lead-guitar on our second album. We've recorded the album live in the studio to get that band-vibe we've got at live shows, and recorded vocals afterwards." ' Soren Andersen

"The four of us recorded the album under the dogma of Soren in the right speaker and me in the left speaker. We only allowed one extra guitar in every song, FX. it could be a Leslie-guitar or a high dub of the riff. Therefore it's almost only two guitars throughout the album. We recorded one of our live-favorites 'She Want's My Guitar' where we use a talkbox and the female-voice is done by the Danish pop-singer Ida Corr." - Mika Vandborg

"String Fever" will be released worldwide as CD, vinyl and digital via Target Records on February 26th 2016.

"String Fever" Tracklisting:

1. String Fever
2. White Flag
3. Running Out Of Time
4. Girlfriend
5. Let It Rock
6. Day Off
7. She Wants My Guitar
8. Follow Your Heart
9. Finally Me
10. The Thinner The Eyebrow The Crazier The Woman
11. The Man From Outer Space

Target Press Release
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