DVALIN: New Track "Aus Dem Schatten" Released

Where fresh blood is pumping through the veins and the fire of youthful passion is […]
November 17, 2015

Where fresh blood is pumping through the veins and the fire of youthful passion is setting hearts ablaze, vision and tradition unite to bring new life into the world...

The debut album of the German pagan/folk metal outfit Dvalin "Aus Dem Schatten" (engl. "Out of the shadow") will be released January 08th, 2016 via NoiseArt Records.

Today, the band just released the brand new track "Unter den Eichen" (engl.: "under the oaks") via Youtube. The track will be available as digital single on November 27th, 2015.

Check out the song here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOGudaw2HLo&feature=youtu.be

The Band States:

"Unter Den Eichen" is a song for fun times, a drinking song that should leave no throat dry. That's the feeling you get from the first second when you get caught by the catchy main theme. Lyrically and musically the song is not as serious and progressive as the rest of the album, but every now and then there comes a time to leave all your sorrow behind, just grab a beer and the person next to you and enjoy life to its fullest!"

Pre-order is available now: https://www.noiseart.eu/shop or https://www.dvalin-band.com/shop/]

Tracklisting "Aus Dem Schatten":

01 Das Heer aus der Tiefe
02 Redeemed by Oblivion
03 Omen (Part I)
04 Schöpfer des Nichts
05 Ostara
06 Zwergenvolk
07 Schrecken des Waldes
08 Skaldenfest
09 Omen (Part II)
10 Unter den Eichen

"Dvalin are not just 'another Folk / Pagan Metal Act', they stand head and shoulders above the pack with their unique sound, which is both refreshing and original! The guys combine melodic, playful and sometimes experimental Death Metal with classical medieval sounds, blending instruments like the bagpipes akin to medieval rock bands such as In Extremo. A delight for the ear is also the fact that each member knows his craft and Dvalin move playfully at a higher level than one that might expect from a band so young."
ELUVEITIE | Chrigel Glanzmann

"...the best pagan metal debut since years!"
Powermetal.de | Raphael Päbst

More Information Coming Soon...

Line-Up Is:

Nico ' Vocals
Thomas ' Guitars
Josef ' Guitars
Moe ' Bass
Sebi ' Drums
Matze ' Bagpipe & Hurdy-Gurdy
Marcus ' Bagpipe, Shawm, & Keyboards

NoiseArt Records
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