DUNKELNACHT: Present New Track "Amongst the Remnants of Liberty"

French/Dutch blackened death ensemble DUNKELNACHT present new track "Amongst the Remnants of Liberty" premiered via […]
February 13, 2019

French/Dutch blackened death ensemble DUNKELNACHT present new track "Amongst the Remnants of Liberty" premiered via No Clean Singing

The band DUNKELNACHT Salute from a collaboration between French and Dutch soils. Empires of Mediocracy is the 3rd full length album featuring a fresh drummer and vocalist.

Empires of Mediocracy brings you smashing riffs and benevolent melodies. With a constant of interesting compositions, this album will keep surprising you to the fullest. With an intriguing concept and a non-cliché songwriting we will surprise the daily listener with carefully thought through pinnacle of tunes.

Onto this album's content, is written the concept of total supremacy. May it be by suppression or other relinquishing means, the goal is to control and steer the population of a country or nation. And thus it is set that there is the alpha and the omega.
This album will be an eye opener upon the daily routine of men. An interesting subject to keep in mind.

The album will be release on Feb 28 as:

limited cd version with slipcase
100 pieces on white vinyl (strictly limited)
Digital on all major platforms

Order here:



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DunkelNachtBand/
Website: www.dunkelnacht.info


Website: https://www.non-serviam-records.com/
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Empires Of Mediocracy" will be out on Feb 28

Track list

1. Relentless Compendium
2. Servants
3. Eerie Horrendous Obsession
4. Amongst the Remnants of Liberty
5. Verses and Allegations
6. Empires of Mediocracy
7. The Necessary Evil
8. Non Canimus Surdis

Total playing time: 48:00

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Kyle Scott

Non Serviam Records
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