DREAMGRAVE: Released video for special Violin Edit of track "False Sense of Confidence"

Fully independent, progressive dark metal band Dreamgrave released a video for a special Violin Edit […]
April 1, 2016

Fully independent, progressive dark metal band Dreamgrave released a video for a special Violin Edit of track False Sense of Confidence, taken from the critically acclaimed concept album called 'Presentiment'.

About Dreamgrave

Hungarian metal act, playing eclectic blend of progressive, gothic and neoclassical metal. Booted up in the end of 2012, to explore the realm of dreams in some ethereal balance, unrestrained by definable sound, but in a daunting storm of emotions. In the end of 2014 they've released the highly acclaimed debut concept album independently, titled 'Presentiment', which had sit on top of Bandcamp's best-selling metal albums for two weeks, and been among of 2014's top albums at several magazines across the globe.

About the video

"The fact is, since Presentiment is being a prog/dark metal record, everyone happened to expect some kind of grandiose, twisted theater, but well, as 'False Sense of Confidence' is far the most uplifting song from the album we've decided to focus on the instruments instead of the story. The new violin parts are icing on the cake, creating an even more dramatic atmosphere!" - Dömötör Gyimesi, songwriter, guitarist

"With Krisztina joining the band I've got a new toy, and a totally new and unique way as well, to improve on the dramatic side of the songs, moving them to a completely new dimension. This is what you'll see and hear on the live shows, as well as on this video" - János Mayer, songwriter, keyboardist

Wrapped in an abstract, distress-filled fantasy the album presents our impressions about our world, our society, ourselves - the reason we are here and ultimately the ending we are headed. The album consists of eight movements

Presentiment available in CD Digipack and at all major digital music stores

The Labyrinth cover art is a creation by Budapest-based artist, Norbert Fekete. Since this is a sort of conceptual recording about human fears, fate and suggest a positive outcome we decided to build the cover around such ideas. The maze totally fits this mindset as it demonstrates hopelessness (by seemingly endless labyrinth, vast walls) and the randomness of our fate (storm on the left, brighter sky on the right) quite well.


Dömötör Gyimesi (vocals, guitars)
János Mayer (keyboards)
Mária Molnár (vocals)
Péter Gilián (bass)
Domonkos Altorjay (drums)
Krisztina Baranyi (violin)

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