DOOM SYNDICATE: enter the studio this January

DOOM SYNDICATE is a post apocalyptic metal band from the Blue Ridge Mountain area of […]
November 11, 2013

DOOM SYNDICATE is a post apocalyptic metal band from the Blue Ridge Mountain area of South West Virginia. They have been cultivating their flavor of metal since the late 90s, meeting many friends along the way and quietly helping forge a new sound of East Coast flavor.

DOOM SYNDICATE started early, opening for the mighty Corrosion of Conformity as their first major gig. Every shows reaction is the same, either playing with National acts or Local acts, people were satisfied. Most of the audience left after DOOM SYNDICATE thinking they were the headliners even with proven National acts have yet to play!

DOOM SYNDICATE have shared the stage and road recently with bands like CREMATORIUM, ALL THAT REMAINS, BONGZILLA ,CEPHALIC CARNAGE, ORIGIN, IMMOLATION, EVERY TIME I DIE, GOATWHORE, DYING FETUS, BURNT BY THE SUN , 6 FEET UNDER, DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, SUB ZERO AND MANY MORE! Playing every where they can including the historic Victory Stadium and the Roanoke Civic Center. Even catching one of their heavy tunes on a couple of local radio stations is not uncommon late at night.
The members that make up DOOM SYNDICATE are an assortment of hardcore metallers. Scott, with a extensive metal background, plays lead guitars. Chip, a long time metal head, has a powerful skill and love for the bass. JR, whose vocal style influenced by punk hardcore from his youth combined with his love of pure death metal make him a perfect fit. Dan, whose black metal hardcore extreme drumming, fit the sound that DOOM SYNDICATE has been striving to reach for years.

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