DISSONA: Cover 'Blade Runner's' "One More Kiss, Dear."

In honor of the theatrical release of Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049, progressive metal outfit […]
October 12, 2017

In honor of the theatrical release of Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049, progressive metal outfit DISSONA have shared a cover of Vangelis' song, "One More Kiss, Dear," which appeared on the soundtrack for the 1982 version of Blade Runner. The track can be heard at this location:

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Regarding their decision for covering the cult classic, the band explained, "It is clear that DISSONA draws inspiration from a vast number of sources, though one we are particularly partial to would undoubtedly be science fiction. Producing themes, concepts, and moods like no other media genre, it has inspired us to create atmospheres throughout our discography and will continue to do so with our most current musical endeavor. Blade Runner is one of the best entries in the world of science fiction and, with the release of the new film, we found it appropriate to do this homage to a classic piece from the original."

In regards to the new, yet unnamed album, DISSONA had the following to say: "DISSONA is currently working on new material. We have big plans for the new album, where we will once again expand to brand new, unfamiliar territory while bringing our signature sound along with us. However the approach and content may vary between records, we view our albums as a growing collection of music that belongs together cohesively. We are very excited about the future."

DISSONA is a progressive metal band based out of Chicago. Since becoming active in 2006, they have become known for their diverse, imaginative sound and powerfully expressive stage performance. Their most recent album, Paleopneumatic, was released in 2016 to worldwide critical acclaim.


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