DEW-SCENTED Finished Recording "Invocation"

German Thrash metallers DEW-SCENTED have finished recording and mixing their new album "Invocation" at Soundlodge […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
March 27, 2010

German Thrash metallers DEW-SCENTED have finished recording and mixing their new album "Invocation" at Soundlodge Studio in Northern Germany with producer Jorg Uken (GOD DETHRONED, SINISTER, etc.).

Vocalist Leif Jensen checks in with the following comment: "It is done! After long weeks of intense work, we are finished tracking and mixing this new album!What a great feeling! The new song-material is totally fresh and energetic to us and I hope all you Thrash maniacs will dig it as much as we do! Despite the band's line up changes, we are pretty much staying true to our traditional stylistic formula and tried to combine the best of our 80's Thrash Metal roots with the punch of a modern production and an utterly aggressive performance! Look out!!!"

Invocation will contain 12 songs in its regular edition and an additional two bonus tracks for the limited first pressing Digipak version via Metal Blade Records in Europe. Here is the exact track-listing:

"Invocation" track listing:

01. "Downfall" (instrumental)
02. "Arise From Decay"
03. "The Invocation"
04. "Have No Mercy On Us"
05. "Artificial Life"
06. "Condemnation"
07. "Totem" (instrumental)
08. "Torn To Shreds"
09. "Revel In Contempt"
10. "A Critical Mass"
11. "Global Hysteria"
12. "Slaves Of Consent"

The bonus tracks on the limited Digipak edition will be:
13. "On The Brink"
14. "Thrashard" (D.R.I. cover)

Furthermore, DEW-SCENTED keep adding shows to their 2010 live-schedule and have now announced to be supporting HEATHEN in Essen (Germany) @ Turock on May 1st as well as supporting technical Death Metal legends ATHEIST on a short string of shows in June, leading up to France's 'Hellfest':

16 - London (UK) - Underworld
17 - Koln (Germany) - Underground
18 - Groningen (The Netherlands) - Vera
19 - Clisson (France) - Hellfest Open Air

Jensen adds: "ATHEIST are a longtime fave band of mine and we seriously look forward to sharing stages with them! It will also be cool to return to London, where we haven't played since 2007! We just debuted the new songs "Arise From Decay" and "Condemnation" at shows this last weekend (Thanks to DECISION TO DEFY and the IRON EAGLE crew in Lugau for the good time!) and they went down just great! The new album's songs will be killer additions to our live-set! Portugal is next this coming weekend!"

"Invocation" will be released May 21st/24th, 2010 in Europe via Metal Blade Records and May 25th, 2010 in North America via Prosthetic Records.

Source: www.MetalBlade.Com

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