DESTINY: Video "Forvantan Stiger" Released

A year ago, Destiny was asked if they wanted to participate on an album for […]
October 30, 2015

A year ago, Destiny was asked if they wanted to participate on an album for the football (soccer) team IFK Gothenburg. Since all members of the band were supporters there was never any doubt to say yes even though they were in the middle of the recording of the upcoming album "Climate Change".

Stefan Björnshög Explains:

-It was a quick process. Between last christmas and new yeas eve I began to write the music. I wanted it to be a song that would work well for the Destiny fans even if they were completely uninterested in football but also easy enough to sing along with this the first time you hear it as supporter of the team. That is why Destiny for the first time released a song with Swedish lyrics.
When the music felt ready the whole band met in the studio and within hours we both learned and recorded the song. Next Jonas Heidgert and our sound engineer and producer Henrik Pettersson wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals. Some additional vocals and guitars were recorded the following day, but basically everything was completed in one day. We have never worked this fast before. I am very satisfied and think we have succeeded with both goals.
The video that was filmed on top of Ramberget with Gothenburg as background is the icing on the cake, and provides the perfect setting for the song, "Förväntan Stiger (Anticipation Rises)".

Destiny ' Förväntan Stiger
Music: Stefan Björnshög
Lyrics: Jonas Heidgert / Henrik Pettersson
Arranged by Destiny

Destiny Is:

Jonas Heidgert: Vocals
Michael Åberg: Guitars
Stefan Björnshög: Bass
Kane Svantesson: Drums

The song and video was recorded before Veith Offenbächer joined Destiny

Video directed, edited and produced by Rynch Asplund
and Kalle "MeltyMan" Johansson for Backstage Productions

Förväntan Stiger will not be featured on any Destiny album.

Destiny GBG
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