DESOLATOR: Announce UK tour

Formed in 2010 with Jamie Brooks (guitar/vocals), Felix Dock (bass) and Sam Talbot (drums) inSouthampton, […]
July 23, 2014

Formed in 2010 with Jamie Brooks (guitar/vocals), Felix Dock (bass) and Sam Talbot (drums) inSouthampton, UK.

After relentless thrashing shows throughout the UK in summer 2011 Desolator recorded andreleased a demo in October 17th which made its way through the UK underground scene in thefollowing months, helping to secure support slots with international thrash acts and personalinfluences such as D.R.I. and Sacred Reich, as well as with new wave bands including Rezet,Warbringer and Adrenicide throughout 2012.

Towards the end of 2012, writing began for the bands full length debut 'Total Attack' and plans tobring the speed thrashing mania to Europe in 2013 along with bigger shows, and faster, moreaggressive speed n' roll assaults. The beginning of 2013 has seen the band continue the ongoing livemania with supports with Ghoul, Cannabis Corpse and Cerebral Bore, as well as the release of TOTALATTACK on April 5th 2013, followed immediately by a European minitour in London, Belgium andNetherlands. TOTAL ATTACK has been made available from the band directly and also in shops and
distros in Japan, Germany and Ireland. The rest of 2013 was filled with further shows, alongsidenotable performances with international acts Gotsu Totsu Kotsu, Speedwolf as well as mini-toursacross England.

2014 continued with the thrashing madness with many more shows and all day festivals, and shortlyafter recording the follow up EP 'ACCELERATOR', in August the band is heading on a 9 day UK touracross England and Scotland.

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