DEFEATED SANITY: Announce January U.S. Tour Dates With Malignancy

Progressive/Brutal Death Metal luminariesDEFEATED SANITYwill joinMalignancy,Prophecy,andStrangle Wirefor a 13-date U.S. tour with stops in California, […]
November 18, 2022

Progressive/Brutal Death Metal luminariesDEFEATED SANITYwill joinMalignancy,Prophecy,andStrangle Wirefor a 13-date U.S. tour with stops in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Arizona. Dates are as follows:

1/5 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
1/6 Las Vegas, NV - Divebar
1/7 - Phoenix, AZ - Pub Rock
1/10 Oklahoma City, OK - 89th Street
1/11 Houston, TX - Scout Bar
1/12 Austin, TX - Come and Take It Live
1/13 San Antonio, TX - Vibes Underground
1/14 Dallas, TX - Amplified Live (inside)
1/15 El Paso, TX - Rockhouse Bar
1/17 San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick
1/18 Los Angeles, CA - Knitting Factory
1/19 Sacramento, CA - Goldfield Trading Post
1/20 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Blue Lagoon

DEFEATED SANITY released The Sanguinary Impetus in 2020 via Willowtip Records. The critically-acclaimed album is available at:



"The Sanguinary Impetus is Defeated Sanity's finest hour, it's freakishly chaotic, frequently unnerving, and stupefyingly complex from start to finish."
- Metal Injection

"Brilliant and freaking brutal!"
- Zero Tolerance

"The Sanguinary Impetus is a masterfully well done technical and brutal album." (9/10)
- Metal Temple

"The Sanguinary Impetus is one of Defeated Sanity's best releases so far in a long and accomplished career."
- No Clean Singing

"Anyone who is a fan of Brutal Death Metal needs this album and anyone who is looking to get into the genre, pick this up and you will understand immediately why the band is so highly regarded in the Extreme Metal World." (10/10)
- Rock 'N' Load Magazine

"Just as visceral as anything else Defeated Sanity has done, with all of the technical additions to give you even more to chew on, The Sanguinary Impetus manages to indulge in the best of both worlds. A continued force within the realm of brutality, Defeated Sanity continue to be a high water mark." (8.5/10)
- Dead Rhetoric

"Another gem from the legends that are Defeated Sanity!" (5/5)
- The Metal Wanderlust

"With The Sanguinary Impetus, we're gifted with truly an awe-engulfing series of anachronisms and renegade ingenuity, drawing from all over tech-metal tradition to deliver something that could only exist in the late 2010's to 2020. It is by and far Defeated Sanity's strongest work to date." (4.5/5)
- Toilet ov Hell

"The Sanguinary Impetus is Defeated Sanity's most furious, vicious, heaviest and technical sounding album to date. Fans of Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Deeds Of Flesh and Disgorge should not pass up this magnificent masterpiece." (9.5/10)
- Metal Purgatory Media

"Buy it for yourself, buy it for your grandparents, and throw yet another Defeated Sanity album into the time capsule to help future archaeologists understand why their ancestors ended up unrelentingly deheading the populace into insignificance."
- Last Rites

"An incredibly listenable gateway to the deep end of death metal. The rest of us are already well aware of their prowess, and with The Sanguinary Impetus comes an easy entry into the shortlist for album of the year."
- Heavy Blog is Heavy

"New listeners can prepare themselves to be blown away, while old fans can expect more greatness from this legendary band!"
- Noob Heavy

"Not many death metal bands these days make a brutal and technical album all in the same vein, but the masters themselves Defeated Sanity yet again have done such this. Youngbloods, pay attention to this great band's compositions if you want to be brutal and complex."
- Technical Music Review

"Defeated Sanity do not settle for solid music, they go out of their way to craft breath taking musical experiences where they take elements from all over the Death Metal genre and blend it into utter perfection. "
- The Revival Music

"It's bands like Germany's DEFEATED SANITY that define extreme music with their lack of respect for solace. Pummeling double bass, razor sharp riffs, and growls from the depths of hell all comprise the band's signature progressive death metal sound."
- Heaviest of Art

"I would recommend this album for anyone who is a fan of highly technical metal that still keeps an overtly heavy and vicious sound, such as Suffocation or Wormed."
- MoshPitNation

"DEFEATED SANITY has released a disc that we can classify between two aspects: one more classic and the other more risky, dissimilar and with high technical flying. In both cases they far exceed any score." (9/10)
- Necromance

"A bloody and dark atmosphere. The absolute massacre of the human mind!"
- Deadly Storm Zine

"Low gutturals, harsh death vox, and some of the most wonderfully over the top Prog Death Metal you could hope for."
- The Doorway To

"This band isn't meant for the faint of heart or casuals. But fans of bands like DISGORGE, DEVOURMENT, and MALIGNANCY will certainly relish the lunacy that is The Sanguinary Impetus."
- Wormwood Chronicles

The Sanguinary Impetus is perhaps the ultimate expression of DEFEATED SANITY's signature blend of the brutal with the technical, performed in a manner largely unparalleled in the world of extreme metal. At once comfortably recognizable and awe-inspiring, the forthcoming album is sure to be a lock for many year-end lists. Sickening riff crunch, hammering beats, and technical wizardry combine to create a level of sonic violence that won't soon be forgotten.


Lille Gruber - Drums, Guitar
Jacob Schmidt - Bass
Josh Welshman - Vocals

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