DEATH WILL TREMBLE: New Music Video for "Departures."

Album Art by Alexandre Goulet Post-metal/doom five-piece DEATH WILL TREMBLE recently announced the release of […]
June 29, 2018

Album Art by Alexandre Goulet

Post-metal/doom five-piece DEATH WILL TREMBLE recently announced the release of their ambitious, devastatingly heavy 14-minute single track EP, Departures, out this Friday, June 29, 2018. DEATH WILL TREMBLE's music is as heavy as it is emotionally charged - conveying a melodic, downtempo ambience that has been likened to bands ranging from Crowbar to "the darkest parts of the Deftones," and described as everything from doom to "sludgy, atmospheric post-metal."

Departures is available for pre-order now via You can also buy merchandise, vinyl and more here:

Today, DEATH WILL TREMBLE are streaming the entire EP in full via Decibel Magazine in the form of an introspective yet melancholic new music video. Watch here:

Vocalist Hunter Townsend says, "This record has been so important to us for so long now that getting it out there feels like this huge weight has been lifted - and that's not to say that it's been a burden - but it's emotionally heavy and I think that's what we hope people will take from it. Heavy music isn't always about being angry, it's just about feeling things intensely."

DEATH WILL TREMBLE have been making significant rounds in the Austin, TX heavy metal underground, extending outwards to new fans and followers since the release of their 2016 full-length album, Mona. The album garnered the band high praise beyond the local scene, even earning a spot on Metal Trenches' Top 10 Most Innovative Releases of 2016, as well as the number one spot on Metal Nexus' Top 25 Releases of 2016.

As they did with Mona, DEATH WILL TREMBLE utilized longtime producer Tim Gerron (Deadhorse/MOD) to record Departures.The new album showcases a much more developed, confident, and emotionally devastating sound in comparison. Trading shredding guitar solos for mournful slide guitar melodies, and traditional metal vocals for something more visceral and honest, DEATH WILL TREMBLE have set themselves apart from the rest with Departures.

On Departures, the band opted to create one cohesive work rather than separating a single thought or concept into multiple pieces. "After the release of Mona, we really started to think about the way we experience this music, and the way we want other people to experience it - and because in our live shows we tend to perform our set without any breaks between songs, we wanted to record this EP in the same way," says Townsend. "This music is so emotionally heavy for us that we want to create an atmosphere, live and in recordings, that requires the listener to really live inside of it instead of skipping from one song to the next."

Thematically, Departures deals heavily with loss - not just the act of losing someone, but learning to live with that loss as well. Two members of DEATH WILL TREMBLE recently witnessed the extended illness and ultimately loss of an immediate family member and feel that the experience is strongly reflected in the new album, whether it was initially intentional or not.

DEATH WILL TREMBLE will perform at their official EP release show on July 7 at Come And Take It Live in Austin, TX. Also appearing on the bill will be Driving Slow Motion (Dallas, TX), Glassing (Austin, TX), and more bands will be announced soon. DEATH WILL TREMBLE have performed live support for countless touring bands in their hometown of Austin, including Crowbar, Lord Dying, All Shall Perish, Katatonia, and Caspian. Festival appearances include official showcases at SXSW in both 2015, 2016, and 2017, as well as the inaugural Housecore Horror Fest, organized by Phil Anselmo.


Hunter Townsend - Vocals
Jason Powell - Rhythm Guitar
Chase Townsend - Lead Guitar
Jake Archer - Bass
Robert Eskew - Drums (current)
Peter Murray - Drums (on Departures)

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