DEATH HAWKS: Release Video for Song "Atitlán."

Death Hawks - the most successful Finnish psychedelic rock act of modern times - reveal […]
June 14, 2018

Death Hawks - the most successful Finnish psychedelic rock act of modern times - reveal a new video for the track "Atitlán." A new recording two-and-a-half years after their smash-hit album, Sun Future Moon, for Svart Records, "Atitlán" is a special digital-only single currently available on all major digital platforms. See & hear Death Hawks' "Atitlán" video in its entirety HERE at Svart's official YouTube channel:

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As vocalist/guitarist Teemu Markkula reveals, "We've been playing around with the song's characteristic theme for about a year during soundchecks all over Europe. At some point, our bass player Riku made a demo from it, and we decided to produce this new single from it. The song is a melodic and vocal-driven pop song. It has an interesting variety of instruments and a lot of layers which makes it possible to immerse oneself into the song."

Continuing about the song's genesis, he says, "At that time, I had just spent a month in a little Guatemalan village by the lake Atitlán. It's a magical place! A big lake that has three volcanoes rising up from the shorelines - even more if you count in the ancient volcanoes. This song actually is a kind of a postcard from there, and it is dedicated to the most wonderfully bizarre and liberal people. Travelling really broadens the mind! Whaddaya know?"

About the production of the video, "We made the music video for 'Atitlán' together with director Sami Sänpäkkilä. It is already the third one we've made together for Death Hawks. After listening to the master version of the song, it felt more than natural to ask Sami to direct a video for it. I really think that Sami is an audiovisual wizard! We wrote the script together, and it was shot in a single day at the magnificent Visual Works headquarters and studio in Helsinki. All of the lightning and visuals were done and shot live. I asked my friend Jukka Kuronen to co-star in the video. Jukka is one of Finland's best and most popular drag queens. A shiny diamond in showbiz! So what we have now is a beautifully visual music video even with a touching story in it."

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