DEATH HAWKS premiere new video from forthcoming album on Cargo Records

Today, DEATH HAWKS premiere the new video "Black Acid." The song hails from the band's […]
By Zarto
September 20, 2013

Today, DEATH HAWKS premiere the new video "Black Acid." The song hails from the band's forthcoming second album, Death Hawks, set for international release on October 11th as the new through Cargo Records. DEATH HAWKS' "Black Acid" video can be viewed in its entirety here:

DEATH HAWKS was put together in the spring of 2010 to arrange and record songs by singer Teemu Markkula (also of SVART recording artists SEREMONIA), but it soon metamorphosed into a real band. The band's intense live shows, with their psychedelic meanderings and in-your-face boogie, soon created an organic hype around the band. DEATH HAWKS released their debut album in February 2012 through Tampere, Finland-based GAEA Records. The cover and tracklisting to DEATH HAWKS' self-titled second album are as follows:

Tracklisting for DEATH HAWKS' Death Hawks
1. Night Children
2. Cain Go Home (2. Session)
3. Blind Daughter of Death
4. Grim-eyed Goat
5. Quiet Sun
6. Cain Go Home (1. Session)
7. Black Acid

DEATH HAWKS is a timeless band. Its references, or at least the most obvious ones, come from a variety of sources, from the blues to psychedelia, early heavy metal to krautrock, but there is no way you can all the sound pure retro. There's an overabundance of bands influenced by many of the same genres in the global underground, but few of them can rise above crate-digging and pastiche, like, say, Primal Scream can at their best. So, on paper, DEATH HAWKS sounds tiringly familiar, but as a listening experience it hits the spot, thanks to strong songwriting. High praise for the debut album and a reputation as a mind-blowing live act are now fueling hype outside Finland. Heavy touring has made sure DEATH HAWKS' live gigs have grown even more fierce, showing the crowd what rock once was and what it will be.

DEATH HAWKS' new, self-titled album is a blend of '70s krautrock and psychedelia, a stream of consciousness where intoxicating shamanistic rhythm meets cool, minimal saxophone, raw guitar shredding and intriguing, elegant keyboard patterns. At the same time, DEATH HAWKS master the very core of rock itself and the polar opposite of it.

DEATH HAWKS come from Finland. The guitar sings the blues, the bass pounds the jazz, and keyboards crawl all over it. A voice sings from deep within a worm-nourished Earth.

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