DAVE LOMBARDO's PHILM: Trailer For 'Fire From The Evening Sun' Album

PHILM- the Los Angeles-based experimental post-hardcore triumvirate featuring drummerDave Lombardo(SLAYER,AMEN), guitarist/vocalistGerry Paul Nestler(CIVIL DEFIANCE), and […]
July 30, 2014

PHILM- the Los Angeles-based experimental post-hardcore triumvirate featuring drummerDave Lombardo(SLAYER,AMEN), guitarist/vocalistGerry Paul Nestler(CIVIL DEFIANCE), and bassistFrancisco "Pancho" Eduardo Tomaselli(WAR) - will release its sophomore album,"Fire From The Evening Sun", on September 16 (one day earlier internationally) viaUDR.
A one-minute trailer for the CD can be seen below.

"UDRis honored to be working withPHILM. This partnership seems very instinctual," saidUDR's head of A&R/MarketingJay Lansford.

"Dave Lombardoand I worked together during theGRIP INC.years," he added. "After hearingPHILM's new album, this alliance was clearly divine will. Powerful, intense... urgent. These three prolific musicians have created something that is refreshingly not mundane, but ear-shattering and groundbreaking."

Lombardostates that the follow-up to 2012's"Harmonic"will mark a different turn in the band's musical journey. "'Harmonic'is still an amazing work to me," he said. "It's improvisational and raw. It was my first time producing an album and I am very proud of it. The new album is a completely different animal. It is again produced by me, but mastered and mixed by a couple of musical giants...Tyler BatesandRobert Carranza.

"I believe this album has a daring, callous temperament about it that really sums up our mindset right now. No improvising, no fluff. It's heavy and in your face from start to finish.

"You may think you know whatPHILMis, but you don't. If you haven't seen us live, you have no idea. We thrive on being out of our comfort zones and want fans to take that ride."

In an interview withCyclic Defrost,Lombardostated aboutPHILM's upcoming CD and how it compares to the debut: "'Harmonic', was a musical expression unlike any other album I've worked on. Blending structured songs and improvisations was the direction I intended to take the band.PHILM's ability to improvise and create music unlike the typical sounds that have emerged within the past 20 years is refreshing to me as an artist and drummer.

"As the producer of the band, I suggested for [the secondPHILM] album that we leave out the improvisations and focus on structured, concise movements."
Speaking toCV Weeklyback in March,Daveelaborated on the differences in the songwriting approachPHILMtook on"Harmonic"and"Fire From The Evening Sun". "The band has had a chance to grow musically," he said. "'Harmonic'had about five songs that were with the old bass player, so thenPanchocame in and the new songs were written with him after we had gone out on tour together and we're more of a unit now. NowPanchoreally understands mine andGerry's writing methods. The songs on the second album are more concise and structured."

With his demanding and innovative drumming,Lombardoprovides for the rhythmic base on which songs like the impulsive opener"Train","Blue Dragon"with its detailed guitar and bass play or the drum-'n'-bass-influenced"Turn In The Sky"can unfold.Nestleradjusts his vocals to this varied music and masters imploring whispering or coaxing clean vocals as superior and emotional as aggressive shouting or nearly manic screaming.

PHILMpay special attention to the haunting atmosphere of their songs that evokes goose bumps over and over again. Be it the malign undertone in"Lady Of The Lake", the dark beginning und the nearly psychedelic guitar solo of"Silver Queen"or"Corner Girl", which closes the album in a laid-back but also sinister mood.

"Fire From The Evening Sun"track listing:
02.Fire From The Evening Sun
03.Lady Of The Lake
04.Lion's Pit
05.Silver Queen
06.We Sail At Dawn
10.Blue Dragon
11.Turn In The Sky
12.Corner Girl

PHILMhas already commenced the songwriting process for the band's third album, which will likely arrive sometime next year. "We have about five songs that are still in their skeletal form without vocals yet and are much heavier," Lombardo told CV Weekly. "And I've added double bass on the third album, which I didn't do on the first two. I'm kind of rediscovering myself and reinventing myself. That album is a whole different direction."

PHILMwill hit the road this fall in support of the album by performing several shows throughout Europe and the U.S., with more dates to be confirmed.

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