DARKYRA BLACK Unveil Album/Tour Plans And Working With Venom Bassist

With her second album 'Fool' in final stages of production and set for release 1st […]
October 30, 2014

With her second album 'Fool' in final stages of production and set for release 1st April 2015, Darkyra Black and her band Darkyra prepare for shows in hometown Perth to promote both the debut release 'Dragon Tears' as well as the upcoming 'Fool'. The new members are all from Perth, Western Australia. They are drummer, Paul Wrigley (x - Silent Knight), Mario Schmack, bass and guitarist Dave Lyon. Submissions for auditions are being taken now for Perth based Keyboard Players.

'Fool' showcases the collaboration of original members Garry King, Betovani Dinelli and Fab Jablonski through the Athens production company, Online Recording Masters with producer and arranger George Boussounis. The album also features the guest bass work of Demolition Man, Tony Dolan (Empire of Evil, Venom).

Darkyra issues this statement 'I'm really greatfull for all the hard work and love put into both 'Dragon Tears' and 'Fool' over the past few years with my international friends. Once again we have all created something truly amazing. I wish Garry, Fab and Beto much success in their future projects, I'm sure we will cross paths again soon. I look forward to what the rest of 2014 and 2015 holds with my new Australian colleagues and I'm really excited to begin the next phase of plans for Darkyra in light of touring and new recordings. You can expect to see all of us on tour in the UK next year following the release of Fool.

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