DARKLANDS: Stream Emo-Tinged Post-Rock Debut 'Hate It Here'

Some say that breaking up is hard to do, but it's the rebuilding phase that […]
May 16, 2018

Some say that breaking up is hard to do, but it's the rebuilding phase that really twists the knife. Post-rock trio DARKLANDShave mastered the art of the resurrection; the emotional shellacking and settling foundations can all be heard on their stellar debut LP Hate It Here. Stream the album ahead of its May 18 release date via Ghettoblaster Magazine today:


"Hate It Here was written in between all the alone time that comes after a sad-ass breakup, a time when all you can do is reflect on how, after almost 30 years of existence, absolutely nowhere feels like home," singer-guitarist Sam Patrick says of the record. The wounds that Patrick refers to are still fresh and healing-find proof in "Bigger People," a torch song siphoned from gritting teeth and watery eyes, or the bittersweet howler "Kennsington."

DARKLANDS was launched in 2013 by Rhode Islanders Sam Patrick, David Marcotte, and Jeff Novak. The trio, enamored with the mercurial rumble of DIY hardcore and the pensive shoegaze of BUILT TO SPILL and early SONIC YOUTH, aimed to fuse their personal toils and triumphs with the sounds of their heroes. One EP at a time they forged their narrative, the disparate sounds and influences culminating with the release of Hate It Here.

Hate It Here, which was mastered by Trevor Vaughan, will be released on May 18 via Atomic Action! Records-preorders are available here:


1. Control
2. Kennsington
3. See You Soon
4. The Hill I Choose To Die On
5. Bigger People
6. Freemont
7. Northern Ignorance
8. Like A House On Fire



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Shannon Shreibak
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