DARK FORTRESS: Re-sign with Century Media Records, first 2016 festivals confirmed

DARK FORTRESS and Century Media Records have announced that their unholy alliance will continue as […]
December 12, 2015

DARK FORTRESS and Century Media Records have announced that their unholy alliance will continue as the band just re-signed with their longtime label.

Formed in the Bavarian foothills when the second wave of black metal had grotesquely clawed out of the grave and into the unforgiving light, DARK FORTRESS benefited from the rotten fruits of right place and right time. Like their black metal peers across Europe, the Germans were a product of a historically mystical environment - imbued consciously or not - and a ritualistically inspired musical movement, and fans, eager to experience their otherworldly din, poured unwavering praise on their debut album, "Tales from Eternal Dusk". For the past two decades, DARK FORTRESS have gone from strength to strength. Across six full-lengths, the Landshut-based sextet stretched the boundaries of black metal, while remaining pure to the tenets of a genre that pivoted (and continues to do so) solely around the axis of the dark and all that resides hideously inside of it. Over the years members from DARK FORTRESS joined diverse acts such as Triptykon, ReVamp or Noneuclid which is underlying their prominent position in the black metal scene.

In 2014 DARK FORTRESS released their 7th and current studio album, Venereal Dawn. Like most previous DARK FORTRESS albums it is also a concept album. Its nine songs weave a tale of survival, betrayal and sacrifice in an extremely hostile environment: "What happens to life on earth if the fragile laws of nature are altered even by a little bit? How can the human psyche deal with the perspective of inevitable extinction? How far can the human soul be stripped before its essence vanishes completely? Can we contain the implications of forced and radical evolution and the insanity it brings?" Questions raised by DARK FORTRESS frontman and lyricist Morean on Venereal Dawn.

After their European tour with Secrets Of The Moon and Schammasch DARK FORTRESS will play selected shows in 2016. They are already confirmed for Bavarian Battle and Hellfest 2016.

05.07.2016 (DE) Pfaffing - Bavarian Battle Open Air 2016
06.17.-192016 (F) Clisson - Hellfest


Century Media Records
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