CULTED: New track now streaming

Blackened doomhounds, CULTED, crush all your hopes and dreams with Transmittal, currently murking up the […]
January 15, 2014

Blackened doomhounds, CULTED, crush all your hopes and dreams with Transmittal, currently murking up the sound sphere at Pitchfork. The soul-suffocating anti-hymn comes courtesy of the band's Oblique To All Paths long player, scheduled for release via Relapse Records later this month.

Listen to Transmittal HERE via Pitchfork.

Comments Michael Klassen (guitar/bass/percussion/noise) of the track: "Transmittal is like the title suggests, a song intended to transmit an experience to the listener. Initially, it may lull the mind with hypnotic effects and repetition perhaps blurring vision and numbing consciousness. But it awakens with a scream to spark a flame and illuminate the world with fire, while scorching the wings of angels to finally reveal the collapse and coldness of space to the listener."

Listed among Noisecreep's Most Anticipated Releases of the month, Oblique To All Paths is CULTED's second full-length and first recording in more than four years. An evocatively grim piece of sprawling doom metal, The Sleeping Shaman likens CULTED to, "the bastard child of Sunn O))) and Khanate, conceived after a weird ritual in a forbidden cave, deep in the woods. Yet... something far more dangerous and devious." Forged in 2007, CULTED's background is unique: Four band members spread out over Sweden and Canada, having never performed music in the same room as an entire band, instead joining creative forces through the marvels of modern technology to compose wholly compelling, finely executed doom metal. Although the CULTED cooperative - Klassen, Matthew Friesen (guitar/bass/percussion/noise), Kevin Stevenson (drums) and Daniel Jansson (vocals/ambience) - have yet to speak to each other in real time, they unite in mind and spirit through their musical manifestations. A truly collaborative effort across international lines, CULTED's bleak and epic masterworks of dystopian doom serve as a true testament to their long-distance accomplishments.

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