CRIS PINZAUTI: Signs To Red Cat Records

Red Cat Records have announced their brand new partnership with CRIS PINZAUTI and the incoming […]
December 16, 2014

Red Cat Records have announced their brand new partnership with CRIS PINZAUTI and the incoming release of their first full length "Black" on January/February 2015.

Cris Pinzauti was born in Florence, Italy on March 4[sup]th[/sup], 1971. Though he started playing the guitar (self-taught) at the age of 16, he was writing songs from when he was very young.
Soon after, many musical projects, creative collaborations and thousands of concerts throughout Italy and Europe followed.
Many may recall the stage show concerts with his brother Marzio Pinzauti and their band they founded, SUZY Q or even the more recent explosive live gigs with Devil's Mojito, a hard rock band with whom he recorded a self-titled EP.

As a solo artist, he spent over a decade performing live in local venues and got billed as a "one man band"; gigs playing his acoustic guitar, with the help of a voice and a loop station, creating the sound of an entire band by himself.
This is how "BLACK" was born! one voice, one acoustic guitar player: Cris.
Some titles do feature the friendly participation of very talented musical colleagues such as Marco Di Maggio (Di Maggio Connection), Jack Meille (Tygers Of Pan Tang), Francesco Bottai (Articolo 31 and Irene Grandi Band) and brother Marzio Pinzauti.

BLACK is recorded almost exclusively with acoustic guitars, acoustic bass and additional acoustic guitars used in percussion mode.
And obviously the voice.
The album and guitar work is primarily influenced by (unbeknownst to them): Neil Young, Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Johnny Cash.
The songs speak of the BLACK or dark side of our lives, that which society labels as "dark", but in reality is not: !. forbidden love, sex, loneliness, soul searching, cynicism, inner demons, rock and roll.
In fact, this album is simply Rock! that Rock never dies, it just changes form.
And as the final song of the album says, "If Rock is dead, we are a Zombie Attack!".

Red Cat Records
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