CRIPPER: Exclusively Premiere "A Dime For The Establishment" Video Clip Via

Cripper exclusively premiere brand new "A Dime For The Establishment" video clip via Metal Hammer […]
November 17, 2015

Cripper exclusively premiere brand new "A Dime For The Establishment" video clip via Metal Hammer website!

Thrash artillerists Cripper are taking it easy with their new video "A Dime For The Establishment", aren't they? No way! Actually, the clip takes it to the max - being nothing less than a red hot road movie!

The five villains comprising the band come under fire with their hostage during a neck-breaking escape by car, weaving their way through hairy situations in which they encounter wood zombies, agents, hillbillies and nasty gangsters. They travel through space-time continua until finally, they hit the stage right on schedule. Cripper guitarrist Jonathan Stenger also directed the clip and handled both post production as well as editing. After months of hard work, countless shooting dates on ten different locations and sets with lots of motivated actors, industrious helpers and a top-notch camera crew, the band proudly presents you this production courtesy of Buntmetall. Watch the clip now on Metal Hammer's website HERE!

The band comments the shooting: "These were days full of action, an exciting film set feeling ! and of course, things went pear-shaped during some of those wild explosions. We're all still alive - notwithstanding the highly dangerous realization of the crazy storyboard. We had a lot of fun which we hope the clip can convey. Bang, bang!"

"A Dime For The Establishment" is featured on Cripper's current album "Hyena", which is still available HERE!

In other news, Cripper are working on their next album, too. Songwriting is definitely progressing, and shows are being booked with the festival season 2016 in mind.

Cripper Are:

Britta Görtz - Vocals
Christian Bröhenhorst - Guitars
Jonathan Stenger - Guitars
Gerrit Mohrmann - Bass
Dennis Weber - Drums

Metal Blade Records
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