Creative & Fun New Halloween Tradition Created By Celebrity Photographer

Celebrity and music industry photographer Micah Smith and his wife, Child Development Specialist Katie Smith, […]
September 17, 2015

Celebrity and music industry photographer Micah Smith and his wife, Child Development Specialist Katie Smith, have written an amazing new children's Halloween book titled Sweets the Witch and Her SweetSwitch.

Micah and Katie, the parents of two young children say, "Halloween is our family's favorite holiday each year. We love to see our children's excitement as they are getting dressed in their Halloween costumes and the joy and fun they get from trick or treating in our neighborhood. The only problem was the mountains of candy that are brought home at the end of the night and the ensuing battle of candy consumption that takes place in the following weeks after Halloween has passed.

"Doing a SweetSwitch was a family tradition that we began a few years back and our children loved the idea of trading some or all of their candy on Halloween night for a toy or surprise from Sweets the Witch. We wanted to share our Halloween family tradition and write a children's book that would keep the fun of Halloween, dressing up and trick or treating, but without all of the sugar!

Sweets The Witch and her SweetSwitch children's Halloween book description:

Sweets the Witch solves the problem of having too much candy consumed and leftover on Halloween. By asking children to trade their candy for a toy or surprise, Sweets gets the candy she craves and the children get their special wish granted while still enjoying the fun of trick or treating.

"We are so excited to announce that our book is now available worldwide in hardcover, paperback and as an ebook through Barnes and Noble and Amazon as well as through thousands of other distributors.

We are extra excited to announce that we now have an original "Sweets The Witch" song and accompanying music video as well.

Our "Sweets the Witch" song is available now on cdbaby, iTunes and Google play, just to name a few.

The song was written by Julia Albert and Katie Smith.

The "Sweets The Witch" music video

Directed by Emmy award winner Spencer Stander of Stander Productions and Micah Smith. Edited by Stander Productions and Byron Speight.


Sweets The Witch and Her SweetSwitch music video link:


SweetsThe Witch and Her SweetSwitch website:


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