COLLECTOR: Releases Debut "Liberation's Fall."

The highly acclaimed new faces of Heavy Metal, Collector has unleashed their debut album Liberation's […]
June 16, 2018

The highly acclaimed new faces of Heavy Metal, Collector has unleashed their debut album Liberation's Fall featuring the great late Warrel Dane (Nevermore), Chris Broderick (Act of Defiance, Ex-Megadeth) and Vicky Psarakis (The Agonist), this past Wednesday (06/13/2018). The album has been very well received by our very first fans and the media so far. Two months after opening the album for Pre-orders, we are slowly approaching a thousand orders digital, physical and Vinyl!

As a fairly new band, Collector needs all the support from the press that they can get. Positive or negative we value your opinion highly. We have amazing ideas and guests in place for our second effort however it is really important to understand what we can improve on as much as what we have nailed on the first album. We can only get better and grow with you. The band aims to get a permanent place in the music world not only with their music, but also with the tools they are developing in collaberation with some other well known musicians, which will help newer bands put together great albums more easily and also help larger bands maximize their sales with data driven targeting and growth. The band will be revealing more about these tools later this year. We hope you enjoy the album as much as we have enjoyed making it!

Liberation's Fall Tacklist:

1. Lullaby of Eternity
2. Between The Two Demons (ft. Vicky Psarakis)
3. A Tale of Titans
4. The System Has Failed
5. Liberation's Fall
6. The Undead Kings
7. Vantablack
8. End This Life (ft. Chris Broderick, Warrel Dane)
9. Angels

The band has teamed up with Metal Injecion to premiere their debut single featuring Chris Broderick (Act of Defiance, Ex-Megadeth) and the late Warrel Dane. Metal Injection wrote "... it's going to be a special one for a lot of reasons. First and foremost is that the music is awesome, but will also feature guests performances from the late and great Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane, as well as The Agonist's Vicky Psarakis.. "

Full story and video here:

The single was highly appraised by Chris Broderick, Jake E (Cyhra, Ex-Amaranthe), Chris Adler (Lamb of God), Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom), members of Epica, Within Temptation, FFDP and Iced Earth.

Furthermore, the band will be donating 10% of all income towards the education of the children who can not afford a good one, in Warrel Dane's name. This Fall we will be hosting a fundraiser in San Francisco, to celebrate our release, reveal more about the tools we have been developing. In attendence will be founders of Twitter, executives from Tesla, Palantir, Stripe, Genzyme and many other tech oriented companies, as well as familiar faces from movies, Heavy Metal and the world of fashion. The raised funds will be donated entirety towards the education of the less fortunate.

The band was originally started in 2010 in Ankara, Turkey under the name "Ecstasy" by Yagiz Ozdag and his friends. The band continued without vocals and a bass player for sometime until Umut Emre Ture joined the band, in late 2010, after reading a post by the band on a forum. In 2011 with Burak Kok joining the lineup the band changed their name to Collector. The early Collector at that time, was just a cover band. In 2014 Sinan joined the band, filling the gap on lead guitars and vocals, forming what can be called the real former line up of Collector, carrying the band to Boston, MA, USA where he was located. In 2016, the band started composing their first album, later came to be known as 'Liberation's Fall'. Towards the end of 2016, Burak Kok decided to leave the band to pursue his professional career in architecture and Mesut Basaran replaced him on guitars.

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