Coldburn: The new album on BDHW Recs, new video, on European tour with NASTY

Please welcome the new album from Germany's Hardcore heroesCOLDBURN. COLDBURNis a band from Leipzig, Germany.Their […]
January 23, 2015

Please welcome the new album from Germany's Hardcore heroesCOLDBURN.

COLDBURNis a band from Leipzig, Germany.Their sound could be described as the old school way of dark and heavy hardcore in a modern habit.In the style of NO WARNING and TERROR they stick in the heads of fans of solid Hardcore. They started off in the end of 2009 and released their demo in 2010 via Powertrip Records. After a bunch of shows their EP ‚ "Hybris", was released by Worship Records in 2011, which was a huge step towards a standing in the European Hardcore scene.

In September 2012 they released their first full length called "The Harsh Fangs Of Life" which was released via Cobra Records (vinyl) and BDHW Rec. (CD). Following the release the band was signed to the roster of Avocado Booking in 2013 and played from 2013 to 2014 several tours in mainland Europe and the UK, multiple festivals and lots of shows besides touring with bands like BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL, BORN FROM PAIN, YOUR DEMISE, EXPIRE, MADBALL, CRUEL HAND, CRO MAGS, H20, BACKTRACK, BLACKLISTED, NO TURNING BACK, TERROR, JUDGE, BOYSETSFIRE, DEFEATER, EVERGREEN TERRACE, BANE and TRAPPED UNDER ICE.

In March 2015 they will unleash their new full length "Down In The Dumps" on BDHW Rec. (vinyl + CD) and tour Europe together with NASTY, LIONHEART, CRUEL HAND and DESOLATED.

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Don't miss COLDBURN on tour aspart of the TASTE OF ANARCHY TOUR 2015
06.03.2015 (NL) Goes, T'Beest
07.03.2015 (DE) Münster, Sputnikhalle
08.03.2015 (DE) Braunschweig, B58
09.03.2015 (DE) Hamburg, Logo
10.03.2015 (DE) Berlin, Bi Nuu
11.03.2015 (CZ) Jablonec Nad Nisou, Eurocentrum
12.03.2015 (PL) Warschau, Hydrozagadka
13.03.2015 (DE) Leipzig, Backstage - Conne Island
14.03.2015 (DE) Schweinfurt, Stadtbahnhof
15.03.2015 (DE) München, Backstage
16.03.2015 (AT) Wien, Arena
17.03.2015 (HR) Zagreb, Vintage Industrial Bar
18.03.2015 (AT) Salzburg, Rockhouse
19.03.2015 (CH) Luzern, Schüür
20.03.2015 (CH) Lyss, KuFa
21.03.2015 (DE) Lindau, Club Vaudeville
22.03.2015 (DE) Karlsruhe, Stadtmitte
23.03.2015 (FR) Paris, Batofar
24.03.2015 (FR) Nantes, Le Floride
25.03.2015 (FR) Le Havre, Le Tetris
26.03.2015 (DE) Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik
27.03.2015 (BE) Antwerpen, Trix
28.03.2015 (DE) Köln, Underground

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