CLADES: Present the progressive, dissonant death metal of "Absumptus" on InViMa Records

Ten years of immersion in the chaos of dissonance and walking the dark paths that […]
November 7, 2022

Ten years of immersion in the chaos of dissonance and walking the dark paths that wind through the hinterlands of extreme music; absorbing, consuming, invoking ' submerging personal identity and becoming a singular presence. Nameless, faceless they have becomeClades' a creation and a creator that stands apart ' severed from the ties that bind humanity, as humanity has torn itself from the web of life that connects each element of existence. And now Clades present their debut album, an outpouring of strikingly individual, shockingly disconnected liquid shadows that explores the evolution of a species determined to dominate, to rule all no matter the cost.Absumptusis an album of paradoxes and contradictions, a puzzle, an angular maze of intersecting passageways shrouded in darkness. The barely visible floors are lined with traps and the walls are covered in hungry mouths with jagged, broken teeth. Rhythms leap and twist through a flickering, unnerving dance while riffs surge and subside in black waves. Dissonant tones cascade through 'Sombre Manifestation' as a detached, imperious voice intones a message of destruction. 'Absumptus' itself charts the limping, staggering progress of a wounded, bleeding god. Broken yet relentless 'Eulogy' contorts itself, splits and collides ' tearing you down in a rush of confusion ' a warped reflection of death metal, moulded by iron fists of progressive thought and cacophonous technicality. There is no hiding place within the Absumptus labyrinth, no safe space or haven. Clades bring you to the edge of the accepted tenets of musicality and lead you out into the wastes where others fear to tread.

The otherness of Clades has been uncovered byInViMa Recordsand they have brought the alien discharge of Absumptus to the world in digital and limited CD digipak format, with a 12-page lyric booklet bundled with a sheet music and tablature book for guitar and bass. For those who like to challenge and be challenged, for those who want to tear down, reshape and reform; for those who love the darkness for the possibilities it holds...the doors are open and Absumptus awaits!

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