CIRCLE OF WITCHES: Back Touring Russia With U.D.O.

Circle of Witches come back to Russia as supporting band for two U.D.O.'s concerts on […]
October 22, 2015

Circle of Witches come back to Russia as supporting band for two U.D.O.'s concerts on 22nd October at Arena in Krasnodar and on 24th at Yotaspace in Moscow. Italian metalheads are ready to tread the Soviet stage once again with a huge international metal star after being the opening act at the final Doro's tour gig the last May in the Russian capital. The confirmation came at the end of September, following agreements between Alpha Omega, Circle of Witches' management, and Udo's tour manager.

The ex Accept's singer, busy in a world tour for his latest album "Decadent", got a large number of fan in the land of vodka. The successful show in the first Russian tour, granted a good fan base to Circle of Witches, enforced and already informed by an intense communication on the social networks.

"Our enthusiasm reached the top", commented Joe "EVIL" Caputo, bass player and co-founder of the band. "It's obvious to mention, but Accept and Udo are among the reason why I play!". Mario "HELL" Bove, singer and co-founder, remembers "I saw Udo on stage several years ago in Italy. His ability to convey strength and energy just by his voice is stunning. It's an honor to play with him and steal some professional tricks!". A palpable excitation keeps restless also youngest members in Circle of Witches, Anthes and Joey, waiting anxiously to play again in front of a such warm and large audience.

Always awaited in Russia, Udo comes back with a show that promises to be an excellent summary of an over fourty years career, from "Ball to the Wall" up to now. Sold out is expected for live in Moscow, as the limit was almost reached during the pre-sales of the last months.

Circle Of Witches Are:

Mario "HELL" Bove ' Lead Vocals & Guitars
Anthes "DARKBLOOD" ' Second Guitars & Backing Vocals
Joe "EVIL" Caputo ' Bass & Backing Vocals
Joey "HELMET" Coppola ' Drums

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