CHRIS CATENA'S ROCK CITY TRIBE: Release the all-stars album "Truth In Unity"

Italian rock vocalist Chris Catena is back with the stunning new hard rock project CHRIS […]
August 28, 2020

Italian rock vocalist Chris Catena is back with the stunning new hard rock project CHRIS CATENA'S ROCK CITY TRIBE featuring the musical talents of Chris Catena on vocals and Janne Stark on guitar along with an amazing, excellent, all-star cast of special guests which include: Pat Travers, Doug Aldrich, Stevie Salas, Blues Saraceno, Damon Johnson, Bumblefoot, Kee Marcello, Rowan Robertson, Wyzard, Ozz Fox, Tracii Guns, Dizzy Reed, Scotti Hill, Jimmy Crespo, Freddie Salem, Dick Wagner, Bobby Kimball, Paul Shortino, John Sloman, Stu Hamm, Tony Franklin, Neil Murray, Chuck Wright, Ken Sandin, James LoMenzo, Sean McNabb, Carmine Appice, Brian Tichy, Matt Starr, Troy Lucketta, Greg Chaisson, Joel Hoekstra, Giacomo Castellano, Paul Audia, among others who all land 100% solid to Keep the Rock alive with serious melodic hard rock excellence.

CHRIS CATENA'S ROCK CITY TRIBE just released the epic new album "Truth In Unity" via Grooveyard Records.

"Chris Catena's Rock City Tribe is my new project, directly linked to my first solo work entitled 'Freak Out' released in 2004. It was a very lucky album that earned me a great response from audiences and critics... My new CD sees the light after years (over a decade) of work. When you become a father, other priorities take over but, at the same time, new ideas are born and you are regenerated. The novelties of life, whether positive or negative, tend to give you new ideas to think about", explains Chris Catena.

"'Truth in Unity' is a pure hard rock record with a Seventies matrix. Even taking up the way in which the albums of that time were structured, contaminated by funk, blues, country and southern rock of the great American bands. 'Truth in Unity' is a title inspired directly by the most recent events. It is necessary to be united, in connection but it is not enough to be united through socials where sometimes we expire in opportunism and exhibitionism but rather, to cement our union of intent in order to revive the fortunes of a world increasingly in disarray, as well as the fate of certain inner values that are progressively being lost. Music could be our banner of freedom - it could still be our lifeline, if only we gave it and who represents it, the right importance and the respect that has now been lost", enthuses the Italian singer.

Fronted & produced by excellent rock vocalist Chris Catena from Italy, a seasoned veteran rocker with pure love & passion for the music that surrounds us. It was his "musical vision" to put together ROCK CITY TRIBE to celebrate heavy rock music. Chris Catena has recorded through the years with the likes of Glenn Hughes, Jeff Scott Soto, Bernie Marsden, Earl Slick, Tommy Aldridge, Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick and Virgil Donati among many others.

Teaming up with the impressive prolific guitar rock talents of Janne Stark from Sweden who has landed in many various excellent hard & heavy rock bands including LOCOMOTIVE BREATH, CONSTANCIA, GRAND DESIGN, OVERDRIVE, MERRYWEATHER STARK & MOUNTAIN OF POWER among others. The hard rockin' duo of Catena & Stark along with the all-star cast have recorded & produced an epic killer melodic hard rock musical project over the course of 10 years in many various worldwide studios which includes 15 strong, memorable, world-class, top-shelf, high energy, dynamic, classic hard and heavy rockin', 70's-inspired songs that kick serious rock n' roll ass and land timeless & forever.

Talking about the stellar cast of special guests, Chris Catena states: "Once upon a time bands, single artists were able to bring together oceanic masses giving a message so important as to worry rulers and politicians. Most of the compositions, see the participation of Janne Stark (Overdrive, Costantia, Grand Design, Mountain of Power), great Swedish guitarist and friend of years, who was able to read what was my overall vision of this album and produced songs of excellent workmanship, powerful and incisive. Other songs are written by me or together with Francesco Marras, a song was given to me by my friend Kee Marcello, a couple features Peter Hermannson, drummer of 220 Volts etc. The record features other great musicians I met on my path and who have lent themselves to guaranteeing added value".

There is "Truth In Unity" and CHRIS CATENA'S ROCK CITY TRIBE is all about the R.O.C.K. An outstanding, essential killer hard rock masterpiece disc of world-class proportions.


Recently the band unveiled the first single "Angel City"


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The track listing reads as follows:
01. Angel City
02. The Trickster
03. Down In The Black
04. Motorcycle Killers
05. The Seventh Son
06. Get Ready
07. My Angel
08. Still A Fool
09. Who Knew
10. Livin' Wreck
11. Round The Bend
12. Fall Of Our Heroes
13. Freedom
14. Theme For An Imaginary Western
15. Ridin' The Freebird Highway

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