CHOMPER: Premiere new single from upcoming album

Featuring Mark Shue (Guided by Voices, Beech Creeps), Nick Chiericozzi & Mark Perro (The Men, […]
October 4, 2017

Featuring Mark Shue (Guided by Voices, Beech Creeps), Nick Chiericozzi & Mark Perro (The Men, Dream Police), and Russell Hymowitz (Dream Police, Junk Boys), Chomper is a supergroup that yields far more than the sum of its parts. Tackling acid washed garage rock with a fast 'n loose attitude, Chomper's forthcoming forthcoming debut riffs and roils in a psychotropic frenzy.

Listen to "Hideout 3D," the second single from Medicine Mountain, and check out an exclusive playlist of Chomper's influences via Iron Pier:

Chomper is less a name and more a modus operandi-the seasoned quartet approach their sound with a teeth gnashing intensity. Paying tribute to garage rock pantheons like The Stooges and MC5, Chomper combines brashness and melody to create an undeniably potent brew. "Hideout 3D," Medicine Mountain's opening track, is a true-blue rock jam stripped, chewed, and reamed through a fuzzbox.

"I think maintaining a simple approach is important in many creative endeavors," Mark Shue told North of the Internet. "With a band like Chomper, that simplicity came mostly out of necessity. We were all already very busy and active in other projects when we started playing together, so when we would get together to play, the resulting sound was very immediate and loose."

Chomper materialized after a rip of offhand jam sessions with one goal in mind-to play loud, loose, and stress-free. That low-pressure, high-octane approach eventually yielded the eight tracks recorded to 2″ tape in one day with producer Travis Harrison.

Medicine Mountain will be released via Iron Pier on November 10, which will be commemorated with a hometown release show on November 14 at Secret Project Robot, where limited edition screen print posters and merchandise will be available for purchase.

Medicine Mountain, Track Listing:
1. Hideout 3D
2. I Wanna Die
3. Two Feet From A Rat
4. Medicine Mountain
5. Fuzz Monster
6. I Wanna Live
7. Wipe It Down
8. AKA Pool Boy

Chomper Tour Dates:
November 14 - Brooklyn, NY - Secret Project Robot*
w/ Drunken Foreigner Band, Weeping Icon, and Think Tank

News reported by:Jean-François "Thrashing Assault" Briard


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