CHAPEL OF DISEASE: Artwork / Illustration special - Part 4

We will show you all seven illustrations which you can find in the CD and […]
November 28, 2014

We will show you all seven illustrations which you can find in the CD and LP booklet of the upcoming CHAPEL OF DISEASE album "The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art" in weekly intervals. Seven artworks for seven songs, or better let's call them rituals. All artworks are created by Chris of Misanthropic Art. An outstanding, international acting artist. He and the band's guitarist Laurent wrote down their thoughts about each illustration.

So, let's continue today with #4 "Lord Of All Death (Between The Rim And Pegana)":

Chris (Misanthropic Art) about the illustration # 4 ""Lord Of All Death (Between The Rim And Pegana)"
"Again, another really interesting content. I like to focus on buildings with complex architecture but still keep a balance between the acting people in the image and the environment. this image is obviously inspired by old Mayan and Aztec buildings which i transformed into the deaths home by adding skulls and skeletons to the facade. I think the hatching technique works really well with this illustration. there's a certain depths to the illustration which i really like."

Cedric (Chapel Of Disease) said about it:
"Here we see people giving food and other goods to priests. They all come to worship and praise them, just so the holy men sing their chants to soothe Mung, the lord of all Death. But in the end we all know that those prayers are useless, since Death is omnipresent and doesn't make a difference between a beggar or a king. The lord can bring, yet also relieve sorrow and just like in the chapter of Lord Dunsany's "The Gods of Pegana", Mungs true form is unknown."

Jan - Sure Shot Worx
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