CHAOS CASCADE: Release "Son of the Void (Chapter I & II).

Dunkelheit Productions officially announces the reissue of German cult harsh noise act CHAOS CASCADE's "Son […]
November 28, 2019

Dunkelheit Productions officially announces the reissue of German cult harsh noise act CHAOS CASCADE's "Son Of The Void (Chapter I & II)." This is a re-release of the cult band's nihilistic 2018 EP.

Nine tracks of nihilistic electronics ' 40 minutes of alienation from substantiality, finally available on CD or vinyl. The whole material was carefully mastered at Studio Hel (Germany). Leave this world into the chasm of nothingness!

All infernal noise was created by CHAOS CASCADE. Tracks 1-5 recorded in June, 2017. Originally released on tape format by Obsessive Fundamental Realism, June 2018. Tracks 6-9 recorded in June, 2019. Cover art & layout by BrianVDP.

CD Edition: Noble Jeweclase Edition with 4-Page Booklet.

VINYL Edition: 180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Cover, Insert, Black Paperbag, Poster in A2 format - 200x Black Vinyl / 100x Moon Vinyl

CD & digital edition available NOW. Vinyl edition available around December 24th.

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How it must feel to receive manipulative frequencies and to be absorbed in another dimension. Nothing feels real, nor looks familiar. Before you understand that you are out of time, nihilistic frequencies hammer destructive visions into your brain! The new power electronics waves which you are going to receive by German act CHAOS CASCADE will show you the world behind this matrix. Be prepared...

Simply testing the borders of possibilities is not enough for CHAOS CASCADE. Instead, everything is torn down and gets mangled unapologetically. This perverse, insanely brutal mix of power electronics and noise emit manipulative waves twisting the listeners perception and giving a glance into another dimension.

"Son of the Void Chapter I & II" is a re-release of the 2018 EP, only available on tape to date. Adding up to the ripping, violently-yelling frequencies of the first chapter comes the second, deeper segment, showing the never-ending abyss behind the emptiness, rendering every life senseless.

New Dark Ages PR
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